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Desire Djidonou, Xin Zhao, Karen E. Koch, and Lincoln Zotarelli

For most crop species, nitrogen (N) is an essential plant nutrient with the greatest influence on growth and development because it is a constituent of chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, and cell walls ( Fageria, 2009 ). Because N

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Tongyin Li, Guihong Bi, Richard L. Harkess, and Eugene K. Blythe

between nitrogen (N) rate and container type ( A , D , E , F , G , and H ), or by the main effect of N rate ( B and C ). One-year-old liners of Encore ® azalea ‘Chiffon’ were fertilized with N rates of 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20 m m from NH 4 NO 3

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Jonas Christensen, Uffe Bjerre Lauridsen, Christian Andreasen, and Henrik Lütken

diameter ( B ) during 59 d. Each point represents average plant parameter (n = 54) for fertilizer treatments with no added plant-available nitrogen (PAN) (0N), addition corresponding to 15 kg PAN/ha (15N), and 30 kg PAN/ha (30N) on a sandy loam. The average

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Frank G. Bethea Jr., Dara Park, Andrew Mount, Nick Menchyk, and Haibo Liu

age, epicuticular wax, and nitrogen 15 absorption Crop Sci. 37 807 811 Bondada, B.R. Syvertsen, J.P. Albrigio, L.G. 2001 Urea nitrogen uptake by citrus leaves HortScience 36 1061 1065 Bowman, D.C. 2003 Daily vs. periodic nitrogen addition affects

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Shivani Kathi, Catherine Simpson, Alinna Umphres, and Greta Schuster

). Exponential population growth, diminishing arable land, and degraded soils have increased the need for larger quantities of nutrients, especially nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), to maintain and improve crop yields ( Azeem et al., 2014 ; Wen

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Tongyin Li, Guihong Bi, and Richard L. Harkess

receiving 15 m m N at each harvest. Nitrogen uptake efficiency (measured as a percentage) of plants fertilized with 15 m m N grown in a certain container type was calculated as the proportion of N uptake from fertilizer to the total applied N fertilizer on

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Juan Carlos Melgar, Arnold W. Schumann, and James P. Syvertsen

production Soil Sci. 165 343 353 Quiñones, A. Bañuls, J. Primo-Millo, E. Legaz, F. 2003 Effects of 15 N application frequency on nitrogen uptake efficiency in Citrus trees J. Plant Physiol. 160

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R. Kasten Dumroese, Douglass F. Jacobs, and Anthony S. Davis

Acacia koa A. Gray (koa) is a nitrogen-fixing, endemic Hawaiian hardwood tree that can grow rapidly (2.2 m/year) under optimum conditions ( Cole et al., 1996 ) and has high economic value for specialty wood products ( Yanagida et al., 2004 ). Koa

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Anthony L. Witcher, Fulya Baysal-Gurel, Eugene K. Blythe, and Donna C. Fare

treatments using no. 7 containers. Table 6. Leachate nitrate nitrogen concentration (n = 6) of Cherokee Brave™ flowering dogwood grown in no. 7 and no. 15 [23 and 50 L (6.1 and 13.2 gal)] containers and under different shade treatments in 2016 in McMinnville

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Chad T. Miller, Neil S. Mattson, and William B. Miller

ambient light and photoperiod conditions at 42° N latitude at 21 °C ± 0.02 (mean ± se ). Plants were spaced so that plant canopies would not touch, encompassing ≈1.5 ft 2 per pot. The treatments were arranged as a split plot with irrigation method as the