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Yiqun Weng, Shanna Johnson, Jack E. Staub, and Sanwen Huang

, may be of limited value in MAS that seeks to change plant architecture. Therefore, a mapping project was designed to: 1) develop a moderately saturated linkage map using the Gy7 × H-19-derived RIL population; 2) identify SSR markers associated with ll

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Mary Woodhead, Ailsa Weir, Kay Smith, Susan McCallum, Katrin MacKenzie, and Julie Graham

linkage map of Graham et al. (2009) using JoinMap 3 ( Van Ooijen and Voorrips 2001 ). Linkage groups were separated initially at a logarithm (base 10) of odds (LOD) score of 10.0 to 6.0 and map distances were calculated using the Kosambi mapping function

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Xuefei Ning, Xianlei Wang, Zhijie Yu, Simeng Lu, and Guan Li

mapping of Watermelon mosaic virus resistance gene in cucumber Mol. Breeding 36 131 142 Tomason, Y. Nimmakayala, P. Levi, A. Reddy, U.K. 2013 Map-based molecular diversity, linkage disequilibrium and association mapping of fruit traits in melon Mol

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Limeng Xie, Patricia Klein, Kevin Crosby, and John Jifon

, including restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP), simple sequence repeat (SSR), and SNP markers have been developed and applied in construction of high-density linkage maps of tomato. This has allowed extensive QTL mapping for many horticulturally

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Josh A. Honig, Megan F. Muehlbauer, John M. Capik, Christine Kubik, Jennifer N. Vaiciunas, Shawn A. Mehlenbacher, and Thomas J. Molnar

PNW (Oregon), where the genetic diversity of A. anomala appears to be limited. The objective of the current research was as follows: 1) conduct ddRADseq-based genetic linkage mapping and QTL experiments in a cross of european hazelnut selection

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Christina H. Hagerty, Alfonso Cuesta-Marcos, Perry Cregan, Qijian Song, Phil McClean, and James R. Myers

of important QTL for a given trait can help us to understand the magnitude of genetic factors and trait linkage. In addition to QTL discovery, mapping populations can serve to generate transgressive segregates. Transgressive segregates are progeny

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Caihong Wang, Yike Tian, Emily J. Buck, Susan E. Gardiner, Hongyi Dai, and Yanli Jia

, T. Gardiner, S.E. 2009a Update on comparative genome mapping between Malus and Pyrus BMC Res. Notes 2 182 Celton, J.-M. Tustin, D.S. Chagné, D. Gardiner, S.E. 2009b Construction of a dense genetic linkage map for apple rootstocks using SSRs

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Shengping Zhang, Han Miao, Xing-fang Gu, Yuhong Yang, Bingyan Xie, Xiaowu Wang, Sanwen Huang, Yongchen Du, Rifei Sun, and Todd C. Wehner

mapping of the Ccu gene was conducted and SSR markers for the Ccu gene were identified that had tight linkage. Those SSR markers have been used in the selection of resistant germplasm. Materials and Methods Mapping populations. We used

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Jason Prothro, Katherine Sandlin, Rattandeep Gill, Eleni Bachlava, Victoria White, Steven J. Knapp, and Cecilia McGregor

effect quantitative trait loci on linkage Group 2 associated with seed oil as a percentage of seed weight in the watermelon Strain II (PI 279461) × Egusi (PI 560023) F 2 population. Results shown are from composite interval mapping ( Zeng, 1993 , 1994

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Kahraman Gürcan and Shawn A. Mehlenbacher

primer pairs that amplified in Corylus were characterized, and new primer pairs that segregated in our Corylus mapping population were assigned to linkage groups of the european hazelnut. Materials and Methods Plant material. A total of