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Ed Etxeberria, Pedro Gonzalez, Priyanka Bhattacharya, Parvesh Sharma, and Pu Chun Ke

properties. Green fluorescent Au-NPs 1.4 nm in diameter (Alexa Fluor-488 conjugated nanogold) were purchased from Nanoprobes, Yaphank, NY, whereas CuInS/ZnS nanocrystals 3.6 nm in diameter were obtained from MK nano , Mississauga, ON, Canada. All three

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Heidi M. Wollaeger and Erik S. Runkle

R+B light, respectively ( Johkan et al., 2010 ). Similarly, salvia, petunia, and tomato seedlings grown under 50% green (G; 500–600 nm) + 50% R light from LEDs or those with ≥25% B light at the same PPF had 35% to 57% less fresh shoot weight than

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Xiaoying Dou, Jinrong Bai, Huan Wang, Ying Kong, Lixin Lang, Fang Bao, and Hongzhong Shang

verification by sequencing, the LhWDR coding sequence (CDS) fragment was cloned in front of the GREEN FLUORESCENT PROTEIN ( GFP ) sequence in a modified pCAMBIA1300 vector containing the Cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter and a GFP -coding region

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Hiroaki Ito, Masaki Ochiai, Hiroaki Kato, Katsuhiro Shiratake, Daigo Takemoto, Shungo Otagaki, and Shogo Matsumoto

consumers as did other genetically modified roses introducing the reporter or marker genes such as the β-glucuronidase gene, luciferase gene, neomycin phosphotransferase gene, and green fluorescent protein gene ( Firoozabady et al., 1994 ; Kim et al

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Heidi Marie Wollaeger and Erik S. Runkle

., Kankakee, IL). Fig. 1. The spectral distribution of six light-quality treatments delivered by blue (B), green (G), and two types of red (R) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and one treatment delivered by cool-white fluorescent lamps, each delivering a

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James C. Fulton, Francisco O. Holguin, Robert L. Steiner, and Mark E. Uchanski

image using the reflection lamp setting was taken to include the date, name, and other pertinent information for each sample. Fluorescence images were then collected using the green fluorescent protein (GFP), Texas Red (TXR), violet, and ultraviolet

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Yuya Mochizuki, Saori Sekiguchi, Naomi Horiuchi, Thanda Aung, and Isao Ogiwara

light promoted stem elongation of eggplant and sunflower seedlings, and suppressed stem elongation of leaf lettuce ( Hirai et al., 2006 ) and tomato ( Li et al., 2017 ). Green LEDs increased the root dry weight of red leaf lettuce ( Johkan et al., 2012

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Dean A. Kopsell, Carl E. Sams, and Robert C. Morrow

determine impacts of supplementation on phytochemical contents in ‘Red Cross’ baby leaf lettuce. These authors showed no impacts on chlorophyll concentrations in baby lettuce when fluorescent light treatments containing 23% blue (400–500 nm)/52% green (500

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Mason T. MacDonald, Rajasekaran R. Lada, A. Robin Robinson, and Jeff Hoyle

triggering specific proteins in the seeds. Thus, it may be possible that the potent action of these compounds in enhancing drought acclimation may be the result of expression of a specific protein. The objectives of this study were 1) to determine if Ambiol

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Wanyu Xu, Chen Chen, Ningning Gou, Mengzhen Huang, Tana Wuyun, Gaopu Zhu, Han Zhao, Huimin Liu, and Lin Wang

dsDNase (CodonX Biotechnology Co., Beijing, China). The qRT-PCR was performed with a fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument (LightCycler 480; Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, Germany) using 2× SYBR Green qPCR Premix Universal (CodonX Biotechnology Co.). The