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Lisa Tang, Shweta Chhajed, and Tripti Vashisth

and leading to cell separation ( González-Carranza et al., 2002 , 2007 ; Kim, 2014 ; Patterson, 2001 ). In addition, in Arabidopsis ( Arabidopsis thaliana ), the expression of expansin10 ( EXP10 ), a member of the expansin (EXP) transcription

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Donald J. Huber

for expansin 1 ( EXP1 ), a wall-localized protein capable of destabilizing bonding between matrix polysaccharides ( Cosgrove, 2000 ), and phytoene synthase 1 ( PSY1 ), a carotenoid biosynthesis enzyme ( Fray and Grierson, 1993 ), also declined

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Kaori Ando and Rebecca Grumet

watermelon and apple ( Janssen et al., 2008 ; Wechter et al., 2008 ). Other highly expressed contigs had homology with genes associated with cell wall structure and modification, including putative expansins that collectively contributed 166 EST reads, as

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Shunzhao Sui, Jianghui Luo, Daofeng Liu, Jing Ma, Weiting Men, Lu Fan, Yu Bai, and Mingyang Li

) Plant Physiol. J. 51 2 253 258 Ma, J. Li, Z. Wang, B. Sui, S.Z. Li, M.Y. 2012 Cloning of an expansin gene from Chimonanthus praecox flowers and its expression in flowers treated with ethephon or 1-methylcyclopropene HortScience 47 1472 1477 Macnish, A

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Yan Bai, Wen Chen, Shou-Zan Liu, Lin-Yu Xu, Zhe Li, and Bin Liu

expansin gene expression (genes reported to control expansin proteins), which leads to a significant increase in stem length and plant height in cherry tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum L. ‘Cuty’). Our study indicated similar effects; blue light had a positive

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Sarunya Yimyong, Tatsiana U. Datsenka, Avtar K. Handa, and Kanogwan Seraypheap

proteins involved in mango fruit textural changes include expansin ( Sane et al., 2005 ), pectate lyase ( Chourasia et al., 2006 ), and endo-β-1,4-glucanase ( Chourasia et al., 2008 ). However, the effects of HWT followed by LTS on expression patterns of

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Zhengke Zhang, Zhaoyin Gao, Min Li, Meijiao Hu, Hui Gao, Dongping Yang, and Bo Yang

. 2012 Expression of expansin gene, MiExpA1 , and activity of galactosidase and polygalacturonase in mango fruit as affected by oxalic acid during storage at room temperature Food Chem. 132 849 854 Zhou, Z. Jiang, W. Cao, J. Zhou, Y. Gu, Y. 2006 Effect

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Sibylle Stoeckli, Karsten Mody, Silvia Dorn, and Markus Kellerhals

putative expansin gene associated with fruit softening in apple ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) and pear ( Pyrus communis ) Tree Genet. Genomes 4 575 586 Dorn, S. Schumacher, P. Abivardi, C. Meyhofer, R. 1999 Global and regional pest insects and their

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Alexandra García-Castro, Astrid Volder, Hermann Restrepo-Diaz, Terri W. Starman, and Leonardo Lombardini

Loosening of plant cell walls by expansins Nature 407 321 326 Dai, A. 2011 Drought under global warming: A review Wiley Interdiscip. Rev. Clim. Chang. 2 45 65 Darbah, J.N.T. Sharkey, T.D. Calfapietra, C. Karnosky, D.F. 2010 Differential response of aspen and

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Max G. Villalobos-Acuña, William V. Biasi, Sylvia Flores, Elizabeth J. Mitcham, Rachel B. Elkins, and Neil H. Willits

Differential expression of seven alpha-expansin genes during growth and ripening of pear fruit Physiol. Plant. 117 564 572 Ju, Z. Curry, E. 2000 Evidence that α-farnesene biosynthesis during fruit ripening is mediated by