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Anne M. Lockett, Dale A. Devitt, and Robert L. Morris

values declined. The average fairway soil salinities at all depths before and after transition to reuse water are reported in Table 2 separated based on the time period in which bermudagrass or ryegrass was the dominant species. Only golf course T

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Travis Wayne Shaddox and Joseph Bryan Unruh

fertilizer cycle (WFC), summer fertilizer cycle (SFC), and fall fertilizer cycle (FFC). Treatments were applied by hand to ‘Riley’s Super Sport’ (Celebration ® ) bermudagrass ( Cynodon dactylon ) grown on a Hallandale fine sand (siliceous, hyperthermic Lithic

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Dale A. Devitt, Lena Wright, Daniel C. Bowman, Robert L. Morris, and Michelle Lockett

concentrations typically remain fairly high on a year-round basis in reuse water ( Feigin et al., 1991 ). Thus, as irrigation levels go up in the summer months, so does the nitrogen loading. Bermudagrass in particular is known for its high nitrogen uptake rates

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Gerald M. Henry, James T. Brosnan, Greg K. Breeden, Tyler Cooper, Leslie L. Beck, and Chase M. Straw

Bermudagrass golf course fairways and athletic fields are commonly overseeded with a cool-season turfgrass, like perennial ryegrass, to provide green cover and improve aesthetic quality during winter months ( Horgan and Yelverton, 2001 ). Thoms et

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Luisa Martelloni, Lisa Caturegli, Christian Frasconi, Monica Gaetani, Nicola Grossi, Simone Magni, Andrea Peruzzi, Michel Pirchio, Michele Raffaelli, Marco Volterrani, and Marco Fontanelli

Engel, 1994 ). Hybrid bermudagrass is a warm-season grass species used in warm/temperate regions of the world for lawns and sports turfs ( Magni et al., 2014b ). It is particularly adaptable to warm temperatures and drought, is tolerant to wear and tear

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Thomas E. Eickhoff, Tiffany M. Heng-Moss, and Frederick P. Baxendale

planted in newly developed areas, including southern regions of the United States. As these buffalograss stands experience chinch bug damage, B. occiduus will likely seek out secondary hosts in close proximity, such as bermudagrass [ Cynodon dactylon (L

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Alex J. Lindsey, Joseph DeFrank, and Zhiqiang Cheng

In recent years, some golf courses in Hawaii have replaced or are replacing bermudagrass with seashore paspalum on greens or as their primary fairway turfgrass. Emphasis on potable water conservation and increased use of recycled water on turfgrass

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Gokhan Hacisalihoglu

, bermudagrass, and centipedegrass ( Trenholm et al., 2001 ). Bahiagrass is a low-maintenance turfgrass that is tolerant to salt and drought. Bermudagrass is a medium-maintenance lawngrass that is widely used as sports turf. Centipedegrass is a low

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Kurt Steinke, David R. Chalmers, Richard H. White, Charles H. Fontanier, James C. Thomas, and Benjamin G. Wherley

rain shelter returned to its center position. Grasses evaluated in this parent study included eight cultivars of bermudagrass ( Cynodon dactylon sp.) (‘Celebration’, ‘Common’, ‘GN-1’, ‘Grimes EXP’, ‘Premier’, ‘TexTurf’, ‘TifSport’, and ‘Tifway’); seven

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Jack Fry, Randy Taylor, Bob Wolf, Dick Stuntz, and Alan Zuk

( Zuk and Fry, 2005 ). Bermudagrass is used extensively in the transition zone, but until recently there were no seeded turf-type cultivars that had acceptable freezing tolerance. ‘Yukon’ bermudagrass was released in 2002 by Oklahoma State University