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Huan Xiong, He Sun, Feng Zou, Xiaoming Fan, Genhua Niu, and Deyi Yuan

IBA led to a rooting rate as much as 76.70%, and strong plantlets for acclimatization. For Castanea species, in vitro rooting is a bottleneck in micropropagation. In our study, visible adventitious roots were induced in 2 weeks and, 4 weeks later

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Xiuli Shen, Vladimir Orbović, Manjul Dutt, William S. Castle, and Frederick G. Gmitter Jr.

formation at the base of the shoot. ( K ) Multiple root formation at the base of the shoot. Bars = 5 mm. Direct shoot organogenesis. Epicotyls, roots, leaves, and cotyledons from germinated seedlings were tested for their ability to regenerate shoots in

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Ze Li, Xiaofeng Tan, Zhiming Liu, Qing Lin, Lin Zhang, Jun Yuan, Yanling Zeng, and Lingli Wu

( Hu et al., 2014 ). Most of these studies for C. oleifera regeneration were based on shoot development from meristematic cells, which had low multiplication rates for adventitious buds and took several months to regenerate. In the Theaceae, it is

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Arthur Villordon, Jeffrey C. Gregorie, and Don LaBonte

also labeled for further clarification. RS indicates the section of root showing rhizosheath and sand particles adhering to lateral roots. Scale bar = 1 cm ( B ). Adventitious roots ( A , B ) were floated on waterproof trays and images were acquired

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Bo-Ling Liu, Zhi-Bin Fan, Ze-Qun Liu, Xun-Hong Qiu, and Yan-Hong Jiang

development of tissue culture methods for the production of tanshinone, such as callus and cell cultures, and the stimulation of adventitious and hairy roots ( Chen et al., 2001 ; Hu and Alfermann, 1993 ; Shan et al., 2007 ; Zhao et al., 1999 ). Although

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Justin A. Schulze, Ryan N. Contreras, and Carolyn F. Scagel

( Huang et al., 2015 ; Kermani et al., 2003 ; Li et al., 1996 ; Ulrich and Ewald, 2014 ), we have found none that addressed adventitious rooting of stem cuttings. Successful vegetative propagation is an important consideration in determining plant

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Donald R. Hodel

elongate considerably after flowering and pollination and before fruit maturation. Fig. 4. The palm root system is composed of numerous, adventitious, slender, often fibrous primary roots that initiate independently and periodically from the root initiation

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Diana Niñirola, Juan A. Fernández, Encarnación Conesa, Juan A. Martínez, and Catalina Egea-Gilabert

-filled channels that facilitate the internal diffusion of gases ( Evans, 2003 ). Another developmental adaptation to depleted oxygen is the presence of adventitious roots, which often contain extensive aerenchymatous tissue and are thus less affected by hypoxia

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Darren J. Hayes and Bryan J. Peterson

failed to root, and a score of 1 assigned to cuttings that both survived and formed at least one adventitious root exceeding 1 cm in length. Roots were trimmed from each cutting using a scalpel and arranged on an Epson Expression 1680 flatbed scanner with

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Youping Sun, Donglin Zhang, and John Smagula

both factors. Explants on MS medium without cytokinin (control) produced few shoots and developed many adventitious roots ( Fig. 1C ). BAP at all four concentrations and ZT at 4.5, 9.1, or 18.2 μM significantly increased the number of shoots per explant