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Jorge A. Osuna-Garcia, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Donald J. Huber, and Yolanda Nolasco-Gonzalez

same effectiveness as a 9- to 12-h application of gaseous 1-MCP, delaying the ripening and softening process in pear ( Malus domestica ), avocado ( Persea americana ), tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum ), mango, plum ( Prunus domestica ), and carambola

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Zhengke Zhang, Zhaoyin Gao, Min Li, Meijiao Hu, Hui Gao, Dongping Yang, and Bo Yang

.H. Labavitch, J.M. 2008 Cell wall modifications in chilling-injured plum fruit ( Prunus salicina ) Postharvest Biol. Technol. 48 77 83 Marangoni, A.G. Jackman, R.L. Stanley, D.W. 1995 Chilling-associated softening of tomato fruit is related to increased pectin

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Fan-Hsuan Yang, David R. Bryla, Scott T. Orr, Bernadine C. Strik, and Yanyun Zhao

temperature in apple [ Malus × sylvestris (L.) Mill. var. domestica (Borkh.) Mansf.] ( Gindaba and Wand, 2005 ) and blueberry ( Lobos et al., 2013 ); however, a study in plum ( Prunus salicina Lindl.) revealed that it may not always cool the fruit due to

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Sanele Fana Kubheka, Samson Zeray Tesfay, Asanda Mditshwa, and Lembe Samukelo Magwaza

coating to improve the postharvest storage potential and quality of plum fruit ( Prunus salicina ) Scientia Hort. 237 59 66 Xoca-Orozco, L.-Á. Cuellar-Torres, E.A. González-Morales, S. Gutiérrez-Martínez, P. López-García, U. Herrera-Estrella, L. Vega

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Marlene Ayala and Gregory Lang

avium L.) during early spring Ciencia e Investigación Agraria 42 191 203 Basile, B. Mariscal, M.J. Day, K.R. Johnson, J.S. DeJong, T.M. 2002 Japanese plum ( Prunus salicina L.) fruit growth: Seasonal pattern of source/sink limitations J. Amer. Pomol

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David Campbell, Ali Sarkhosh, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Jennifer L. Gillett-Kaufman, Oscar Liburd, Juan Carlos Melgar, and Danielle Treadwell

( Chonhenchob et al., 2010 ) and ‘Zaghloul’ date palm ( Phoenix dactyliferai L.) fruit in Egypt ( Kassem et al., 2011 ). In contrast, other researchers observed that bagging accelerated maturation time for ‘Laetitia’ plums [ Prunus salicina (Lindell)] in South

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Lijian Liang, Yanming Deng, Xiaobo Sun, Xinping Jia, and Jiale Su

-010-0206-9 Singh, S.P. Singh, Z. Swinny, E.E. 2009 Postharvest nitric oxide fumigation delays fruit ripening and alleviates chilling injury during cold storage of japanese plums ( Prunus salicina Lindell) Postharvest Biol. Technol. 53 101 108 10.1016/j

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Guanxing Hu, Chao Gao, Xiaoming Fan, Wenfang Gong, and Deyi Yuan

., 2012 ; Tatari et al., 2018 ). Use of different pollen sources has been demonstrated to affect the fruit size, seed weight, seed quality, and ripening time of Phoenix dactylifera ( Maryam et al., 2015 ). In Paeonia suffruticosa , pollen source was

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Jia Tian, Yue Wen, Feng Zhang, Jingyi Sai, Yan Zhang, and Wensheng Li

at harvest Xinjiang Agr. 44 3 264 267 Liao, R. Wu, X. Zeng, Z. Yin, L. Gao, Z. 2018 Transcriptomes of fruit cavity revealed by de novo sequence analysis in Nai plum ( Prunus salicina ) J. Plant Growth Regulat. 37 3 730 744 doi