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Brian E. Jackson, Robert D. Wright, and Mark M. Alley

species of pine in production of annual vinca HortTechnology 18 13 17 Fain, G.B. Gilliam, C.H. Sibley, J.L. Boyer, C.R. Walker, A.L. 2008b Wholetree substrate and fertilizer rate in production of greenhouse-grown petunia ( Petunia × hybrida Vilm.) and

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Alison Bingham Jacobson, Terri W. Starman, and Leonardo Lombardini

., 2000 ). Rose plants watered at the highest water level had higher water contents but tended to wilt sooner than plants grown with reduced water. Petunias ( Petunia × hybrida ) grown at three irrigation frequencies during production and then evaluated

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Xiaoya Cai, Terri Starman, Genhua Niu, and Charles Hall

developed to quantify the daily water use of petunia ( Petunia × hybrida Hort ex. Vilm) in SMCs from 5% to 40%. Lower SMC resulted in a decrease in shoot DW, leaf ψ, and ψ S . There was only slight additional growth above 25% SMC. Similarly, at four

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Diane M. Camberato, James J. Camberato, and Roberto G. Lopez

crops (Everris Testing Laboratory). This value corresponds to the low end of the sufficiency range of 38 to 76 mg·g −1 reported for Petunia × hybrida Vilm. ( Mills and Jones, 1996 ), an Fe-inefficient crop in which much research has been conducted

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Mary Jane Clark and Youbin Zheng

nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in different cultivars of Petunia hybrida Vlim Sci. Hort. 141 83 90 Zheng, Y. Clark, M.J. 2013 Optimal growing substrate pH for five Sedum species HortScience 48 448 452

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Michael T. Martin Jr., Geoffrey M. Weaver, Matthew R. Chappell, and Jerry Davis

. Environ. Hort. 20 1 6 Santos, K.M. Fisher, P.R. Argo, W.R. 2009 Stem versus foliar uptake during propagation of Petunia × hybrida vegetative cuttings HortScience 44 1974 1977 Santos, K.M. Fisher, P.R. Argo, W.R. 2011a Survey of tissue nutrient levels

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Crysta N. Harris, Ryan W. Dickson, Paul R. Fisher, Brian E. Jackson, and Anissa M. Poleatewich

conducted to evaluate plant growth and N level for peat substrate amended with (by volume) 30% expanded pine ( Pinus sp.) wood fiber during a production and simulated consumer retail phase with container-grown petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ). Substrates

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Julián Miralles-Crespo and Marc W. van Iersel

‘Siskiyou Pink’) ( Burnett and van Iersel, 2008 ) and petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ) ( van Iersel et al., 2010 ). This irrigation system determines θ with capacitance sensors connected to a datalogger. The datalogger can control irrigation by opening and

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Amanda Bayer, Imran Mahbub, Matthew Chappell, John Ruter, and Marc W. van Iersel

florida ( Lea-Cox et al., 2008a ), Rhododendron spp. ( Lea-Cox et al., 2008b ), and Hydrangea ( van Iersel et al., 2009 ) to herbaceous species such as Petunia ×hybrida ( van Iersel et al., 2010 ) and Antirrhinum spp. ( Lea-Cox et al., 2009

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Shuyang Zhen, Stephanie E. Burnett, Michael E. Day, and Marc W. van Iersel

, including gaura, petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ), coral bells, dusty miller ( Cineraria maritima ), plumbago ( Plumbago auriculata ), fan flower ( Scaevola aemula ), and zonal geranium ( Pelargonium ×hortorum ), have shown similar reductions in shoot biomass