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Josep Rufat, Agustí J. Romero-Aroca, Amadeu Arbonés, Josep M. Villar, Juan F. Hermoso, and Miquel Pascual

, M. Arbonés, A. Girona, J. Tovar, M.J. 2002 Regulated deficit irrigation in olive trees Olea europaea L. cv. Arbequina for oil production Acta Hort. 586 259 262 Allen, R.G. Pereira, L.S. Raes, D. Smith, M. 1998 Crop evapotranspiration: Guidelines

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Claudio Cantini, Antonio Cimato, Antonella Autino, Alessandro Redi, and Mauro Cresti

olive ( Olea europaea L.) are suitable for individual fingerprinting and reveal polymorphism within ancient cultivars Theor. Appl. Genet. 104 223 228 De La Rosa, R. James, C.M. Tobutt, K.R. 2002 Isolation

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Fabio Orlandi, Carlo Sgromo, Tommaso Bonofiglio, Luigia Ruga, Bruno Romano, and Marco Fornaciari

, R. 2000 Bases and limits to using ‘degree day’ units Eur. J. Agron. 13 1 10 Candau, P. Gonzalez, F.J. Morales, J. Tomas, C. 1998 Forecasting olive ( Olea europaea ) crop production by

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Eddo Rugini, Cristian Silvestri, Marilena Ceccarelli, Rosario Muleo, and Valerio Cristofori

complex ( Olea europaea ): Evidence from flow cytometry and nuclear microsatellite analyses Ann. Bot. 101 25 30 Bitonti, M.B. Cozza, R. Chiappetta, A. Contento, A. Minelli, S. Ceccarelli, M. Gelati, M.T. Maggini, F. Baldoni, L. Cionini, P.G. 1999 Amount

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Innocenzo Muzzalupo, Francesca Stefanizzi, and Enzo Perri

The olive tree ( Olea europaea L. subsp. europaea ) is one of the oldest cultivated plants, and its fruit has been used for nourishment for more than 5000 years in the Mediterranean regions where it originated. Olive is one of the Mediterranean

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Aurora Díaz, Antonio Martín, Pilar Rallo, and Raúl De la Rosa

.V. Griggs, W.H. 1963 Morphological evidence of incompatibility in Olea europaea L Phytomorphology 13 141 156 Ciampolini, F. Cresti, M. Kapil, R.N. 1983 Fine ultrastructural and cytochemical

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Carolina Aparicio, Miguel Urrestarazu, and María del Pilar Cordovilla

salinity and the interaction between Thymus vulgaris and Lavandula angustifolia on growth, ethylene production and essential oil contents J. Plant Nutr. 37 875 888 Demiral, M.A. 2005 Comparative response of two olive ( Olea europaea L.) cultivars to

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Arnon Dag, Ran Erel, Alon Ben-Gal, Isaac Zipori, and Uri Yermiyahu

fertilization level can be as for commercially grown mature olive trees. Literature Cited Bartolini, G. Petruccelli, R. Pestelli, P. Bernardi, R. Durante, M. 2008 Preliminary study on in vivo rooting of two Olea europaea L genotypes Acta Hort. 791 191 196

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Alberto Sánchez-Estrada and Julián Cuevas

area of Crete Acta Hort. 286 159 162 Ayerza, R. Coates, W. 2004 Supplemental pollination – increasing olive ( Olea europaea ) yields in hot, arid environments Expt. Agr. 40 481 491 Barranco, D. Milona, G. Rallo, L. 1994 Épocas de floración de cultivares

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Lorenzo León, Raúl de la Rosa, Diego Barranco, and Luis Rallo

Olivae 52 25 27 Astorga, M. Mora, F. 2005 Componentes de varianza e interacción variedad-sitio del vigor, producción y productividad de Olea europaea , en Chile Cerne Lavras 11 25 33 Baldoni