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Jeff B. Million and Thomas H. Yeager

monitoring program at a container nursery in Virginia reduced irrigation water use by >50%. For the largely sprinkler-irrigated nursery, a target LF of 10% was found to give good results throughout the nursery. Owen et al. (2009) reported that irrigation

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David R. Byrnes, Fekadu F. Dinssa, Stephen C. Weller, and James E. Simon

indicate the capacity to deliver daily required amounts of these targeted micronutrients by consuming a reasonable amount of material; i.e., 30% nutrient reference value (NRV) per 100 g ( Codex Alimentarius, 1997 ). Crops which are recognized as being a

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Lauren Fessler, Amy Fulcher, Liesel Schneider, Wesley C. Wright, and Heping Zhu

, denser apple and citrus crops ( Zhu et al., 2006b ). Air-assisted orchard sprayers are known to have low pesticide application efficiency, particularly with drift and off-target applications. Moreover, spray drift from air-blast sprayers used on tree

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Peter Alem, Paul A. Thomas, and Marc W. van Iersel

.20 m 3 ·m −3 as needed, can be an effective method of regulating elongation of poinsettia ( Alem, 2014 ). The target height of greenhouse crops, including poinsettia, is often determined by market demands or grower preferences ( Clifford et al., 2004

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Lu Zhang, You-biao Hu, Hua-sen Wang, Sheng-jun Feng, and Yu-ting Zhang

. Constitutive overexpression of miR156 prolongs the juvenile phase and moderately delays vegetative phase change ( Chuck et al., 2007 ; Wang et al., 2009 ; Wu and Poethig, 2006 ; Wu et al., 2009 ). By contrast, reduced miR156 level with target mimicry or in

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Binoy Babu, Gary Knox, Mathews L. Paret, and Francisco M. Ochoa-Corona

hypothesized that it was possible to develop a RT-qPCR assay adjustable to different reagent formats targeting different genomic regions of the virus with increased specificity and sensitivity. The RRV multidisciplinary team developed a diagnostic tool for the

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Jianlin Wei, Shutian Li, Ping He, Xinpeng Xu, Deshui Tan, Yan Li, Guosheng Li, Yuesheng Guo, and Rongzong Cui

based on soil testing and yield target, which could improve yield and nutrient utilization efficiency ( Zhang et al., 2012 ). However, for the farmers who manage large areas with scattered-planted Chinese onion, this soil test-based fertilizer

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Dewayne L. Ingram

those individual associations and some had market orders in place to fund promotion as well as research and extension programs. In some cases, leaders from those targeted associations served as an advisory group for the horticulture departments in those

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Timothy G. Porch, Matthew W. Blair, Patricia Lariguet, Carlos Galeano, Clive E. Pankhurst, and William J. Broughton

Common bean is the principal grain legume used for direct human consumption worldwide ( Broughton et al., 2003 ) and is increasingly recognized for its high nutritional quality. Thus, it is an important target for intensive genomics research such

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Lloyd L. Nackley, Brent Warneke, Lauren Fessler, Jay W. Pscheidt, David Lockwood, Wesley C. Wright, Xiaocun Sun, and Amy Fulcher

Pesticide spray applications must adapt to seasonal plant growth to minimize off-target losses of agricultural chemicals and reduce environmental and human health hazards. The canopies of perennial crops change over the season as buds burst