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Lorenzo León, Raúl de la Rosa, Diego Barranco, and Luis Rallo

yield of the individual seedlings in the first three harvest seasons were recorded ( León et al., 2004b ). In the comparative field trial orchard containing the 15 selections and the three genitors, plants were systematically evaluated for earliness of

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Jason D. Lattier, Hsuan Chen, and Ryan N. Contreras

Genome size, chromosome number, and ploidy level are important biological parameters for plant breeding, systematics, and evolution. Since the first published chromosome counts of plants in 1882 ( Garbari et al., 2012 ), ≈25% of angiosperms have

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Ni Jia, Qing-Yan Shu, Dan-Hua Wang, Liang-Sheng Wang, Zheng-An Liu, Hong-Xu Ren, Yan-Jun Xu, Dai-Ke Tian, and Kenneth Michael Tilt

. Agr. Food Chem. 53 3101 3113 Wu, X. Prior, R.L. 2005b Systematic identification and characterization of anthocyanins by HPLC-ESI-MS/MS in common foods in the United States: Fruits and berries J. Agr. Food Chem

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Xiao-min Liu, Xin-zhi Zhang, Yi-min Shi, and Dong-qin Tang

needs to be conducted in a systematic and quantitative manner ( Nuñez et al., 2003 ; Santos-Gally et al., 2012 ). Plant morphological features, such as plant height, leaf shape and size, and even certain flower traits, are often both environmentally and

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Meiling Zhang, Ming Chen, Zhen Wang, Ting Wu, Yi Wang, Xinzhong Zhang, and Zhenhai Han

environmental factor in apple production worldwide. In recent years, systematic research has made about iron-deficiency adaptive responses in the level of organs, cells, subcells, and transcription. However, the research about the interactions between Fe and

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Jiefang Wu, Danwen Fu, Jiezhen Chen, Changhe Cai, Qian Yan, and Liangxi Ou

germination rate and pollen amount have been reported in many studies ( Jiang et al., 2012 ; Ou et al., 2010 ; Stern and Gazit 1998 ; Xiang et al., 2000 ); however, systematic studies on the change of pollen germination rate and pollen amount from variety

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Hävard Eikemo, May B. Brurberg, and Jahn Davik

accessions with disease scores ranging from 6.25 to 7.43 were considered highly susceptible. There was no indication of any Fragaria species being more resistant or susceptible than others and no systematic differences resulting from geographic origin

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Jon Y. Suzuki, Tracie K. Matsumoto, Lisa M. Keith, and Roxana Y. Myers

molecular systematic studies in Anthurium as a result of their relatively close phylogenetic relationship ( Rothwell et al., 2004 ). Although we did not have access to a large collection of live accessioned species of Anthurium , dried leaf material of

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Weiting Huang and Zhongming Fang

differentiation. Discussion Amino acids are important physiological active substances in plants that have an important role in regulating growth. We systematically investigated the effects of 20 amino acids on the proliferation and differentiation of C. goeringii

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Mohammed B. Tahboub, Soumaila Sanogo, Paul W. Bosland, and Leigh Murray

may be attributed to the fact that jalapeño is a hot chile pepper. There has been no previous systematic assessment of the relationship of chile pepper heat level to chile pepper response to P. capsici . Elucidation of this relationship may reveal