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W. Roland Leatherwood, John M. Dole, and James E. Faust

ethephon activity on stock plants and unrooted cuttings. We applied a range of ethephon concentrations and subsequent storage treatments to show how temperature and rinsing of cuttings may affect ethylene evolution. Materials and Methods Plant material

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David Obenland and Mary Lu Arpaia

risk of decay from holding the fruit at higher temperatures than the preferred storage temperature for mandarins [5 to 8 °C ( Arpaia and Kader 2000 )] that would be most effective at reducing acidity. A variety of interventions have been tested to

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Claire Adkison, Kelly Richmond, Nico Lingga, Veronique Bikoba, and Elizabeth Mitcham

value of stored walnuts and eventually complete loss of marketability. As walnut acreage and yields have increased in recent years, the length of storage and potential for quality degradation have also increased, making it more important to optimize

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Christopher B. Watkins and Jacqueline F. Nock

. Maintenance of crisp texture characteristics for up to 9 months in air storage has been reported ( Luby and Bedford, 1992 ; Tong et al., 1999 ) associated with high turgor and cell wall integrity ( Tong et al., 1999 ) and low transcript accumulations for some

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Harwinder Singh Sidhu, Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez, and Daniel MacLean

physical attributes ( Kulkarni and Aradhya, 2005 ). Postharvest storage conditions also affect fruit quality. Inadequate storage conditions are responsible for significant economic losses. High rates of fruit weight loss, resulting mainly from fruit water

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Jinwook Lee, James P. Mattheis, and David R. Rudell

‘Gala’ apple ( Malus domestica ) strains are highly prone to the incidence of stem-end cracking before harvest with symptoms progressing during and after storage ( Lee et al., 2013 ; Opara et al., 1997 ). The incidence of stem-end cracking

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Kent J. Bradford

173 WORKSHOP 29 Seed Storage

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Masahiko Fumuro and Naoki Sakurai

, which may result in increased fruit temperature and a reduced postharvest shelf life. The development of a technology to improve the storage life of the mango could reduce the number of fruits discarded as a result of quality deterioration, thereby

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole, Atyab Amjad, and Sagheer Ahmad

, geotropic stem bending, excessive respiration/transpiration, or storage/handling at high temperatures ( Joyce, 1988 ; Maxie et al., 1973 ; Reid, 2002 ). To slow down senescence, storage facilities must be available and storage methods well planned before

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Zienab F.R. Ahmed, Navjot Kaur, Sajid Maqsood, and Guillermo Schmeda-Hirschmann

‘Khenizi’ date fruit. Cold storage, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, and Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CA) have been used to minimize quality changes in date palm fruit during storage ( Aleid and Saikhan, 2017 ; Alhamdan et al., 2015 ; Alsawmahi et al