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Rolston St. Hilaire, Theodore W. Sammis, and John G. Mexal

:// >. Onset 1996c Solar radiation shield (assembled) 10 Sept. 2008 < >. Spaw, M. Williams, K. 2004 Full Moon Farm builds high tunnels: A case study in site planning for crop production structures HortTechnology

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Nicholas J. Flax, Christopher J. Currey, James A. Schrader, David Grewell, and William R. Graves

) housed within actively aspirated radiation shields (43502; R.M. Young Co.). Quantum sensors and thermocouples were connected to a data logger (CR1000 Measurement and Control System; Campbell Scientific, Logan, UT) that measured air temperature and PPF

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Hans Spalholz and Chieri Kubota

seedlings were placed on thermostatically controlled heating mats and covered with a plastic tent during the night to maintain a nighttime substrate temperature of 20 °C. Greenhouse air temperature and PPF were measured using an aspirated and radiation-shielded

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Benjamin E. Deloso, Anders J. Lindström, Frank A. Camacho, and Thomas E. Marler

furfuracea stem cuttings in perlite in clear 2.84-L Cambro containers. The high and low temperatures were recorded daily throughout the experiment using an AcuRite outdoor thermometer (Chaney Instrument Company, Lake Geneva, WI) covered with a radiation

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Natalie R. Bumgarner, Mark A. Bennett, Peter P. Ling, Robert W. Mullen, and Matthew D. Kleinhenz

ProV2; Onset Computer Co., Bourne, MA). All main plots were equipped with a separate data logger, and sensors were protected with a radiation shield. Air and soil temperatures were recorded 8 inches above and 1 to 1.5 inches below the medium surface

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Kellie J. Walters and Christopher J. Currey

Scientific Inc., Perry, IA) with an ADT of 24.1 ± 0.5 °C measured every 15 s with a naturally aspirated temperature sensor (TMC1-HD; Onset Computer Corporation, Bourne, MA) in a solar radiation shield (RS3; Onset Computer Corporation). A photosynthetic photon

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Bryan J. Peterson, Gregory J.R. Melcher, Ailish K. Scott, Rebecca A. Tkacs, and Andrew J. Chase

). Twenty-four replicates of catberry were assigned to each treatment combination to improve estimates of treatment effects (n = 24; N = 360). Air temperature over the mist bench was logged in 2016 using a microstation with radiation shield (Watchdog 1450

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Robert F. Heyduck, Dawn VanLeeuwen, and Steven J. Guldan

30-min intervals using temperature data loggers (HOBO U12; Onset Computer Corp., Bourne, MA). Sensors were placed 1 ft above the soil in solar radiation shields and horizontally 3 inches below the soil surface at each of three locations: 1) outside

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Madeline W. Olberg and Roberto G. Lopez

aspirated radiation shield suspended at plant canopy level measured canopy air temperature. Single-diode quantum sensors (Model LI-190R; LI-COR, Inc., Lincoln, NE) were placed at canopy level to record photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ) in each treatment and

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Fumiomi Takeda, Kathy Demchak, Michele R. Warmund, David T. Handley, Rebecca Grube, and Charles Feldhake

in radiation shields (Spectrum Technologies). Using temperature and relative humidity recordings, hourly VPD was calculated according to Richards (1971) for plots in the open and under RC. In Spring 2005, cane dieback was determined. Canes were