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Sameh Sassi-Aydi, Samir Aydi, and Chedly Abdelly

parameter in the N 2 -fixing plants under stressed conditions ( Fig. 1B ). Fig. 1. Plant biomass ( A ), leaf area ( B ), and leaf number ( C ) of common bean plants cultivated using different nitrogen sources: urea or dependent on symbiotic nitrogen fixation

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Charis-Konstantina Kontopoulou, Sofia Giagkou, Efthalia Stathi, Dimitrios Savvas, and Pietro P.M. Iannetta

root dry weight) in soybean Plant Soil 258 281 292 Graham, P.H. 1981 Some problems of nodulation and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Phaseolus vulgaris L.: A review Field Crops Res. 4 93 112 Hardarson, G. 1993 Methods for enhancing symbiotic nitrogen

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David Granatstein, Joan R. Davenport, and Elizabeth Kirby

flowering species to support beneficial insects or legumes for nitrogen fixation ( Granatstein and Sanchez, 2009 ). This could occur in the tree row, as a “living mulch” or in the drive alley, where the legume biomass could be mowed in place, mowed, and

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Ji-Jhong Chen, Jeanette Norton, Heidi Kratsch, Youping Sun, and Larry Rupp

16S rRNA) to investigate the phylogeny of Frankia strains in nodules ( Pawlowski and Bergman, 2007 ). The phylogenetic research of Frankia using nitrogen fixation ( nif ) gene, 16s rRNA, or other genes is recognized by most researchers, who agree

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Geoffrey C. Denny, Michael A. Arnold, and Wayne A. Mackay

Graves (2001) found differences in drought tolerance of maple ( Acer L.) spp. Jull et al. (1999) found that provenances of Atlantic whitecedar [ Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) B.S.P.] varied in heat tolerance. Provenance affected nitrogen fixation in

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R. Kasten Dumroese, Douglass F. Jacobs, and Anthony S. Davis

nodule bacteria and nitrogen fixation 303 317 Carter M.R. Soil sampling and methods of analysis CRC Press Boca Raton, FL Röhm, M. Werner, D. 1991 Nitrate levels affect the development of the black locust– Rhizobium symbiosis Trees 5 227 231 Scott, J

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Rocheteau Dareus, Antonio Carlos Mota Porto, Mesfin Bogale, Peter DiGennaro, Carlene A. Chase, and Esteban Fernando Rios

al., 2007 ). Breeding for abiotic stresses focused on heat and drought tolerance ( Matsui and Singh, 2003 ), as well as on enhanced nitrogen fixation and tolerance to low phosphorus levels ( Timko and Singh, 2008 ). For biotic stresses, such as RKN

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Ji-Jhong Chen, Heidi Kratsch, Jeanette Norton, Youping Sun, and Larry Rupp

culture Acta Hort. 648 99 112 Dawson, J.O. Gordon, J.C. 1979 Nitrogen fixation in relation to photosynthesis in Alnus glutinosa Bot. Gaz. 140 70 75 Edmondson, J.L. Davies, Z.G. McCormack, S.A. Gaston, K.J. Leake, J.R. 2011 Are soils in urban ecosystems

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Geoffrey C. Denny and Michael A. Arnold

. Yunlong, Y. 2003 Taxodium × ‘Nanjing Beauty’: A new landscape plant for the south HortScience 38 1292 1293 (abstr.). Croom, H.B. 1837 Cat. Pl. New Bern N.C Giridhar, J. Pai, B. Graves, W.R. 1995 Seed source affects seedling development and nitrogen

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Rolland Agaba, Phinehas Tukamuhabwa, Patrick Rubaihayo, Silver Tumwegamire, Andrew Ssenyonjo, Robert O.M. Mwanga, Jean Ndirigwe, and Wolfgang J. Grüneberg

, nitrogen fixation, short crop duration, and higher nutritional values than traditional tropical root and tuber crops such as cassava ( Manihot esculenta Crantz) and sweetpotato [ Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.]. The crop can have very high yields of edible