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Travis Wayne Shaddox and Joseph Bryan Unruh

Turfgrass often requires supplemental nitrogen (N) applications to maintain acceptable aesthetics and functionality. The average 18-hole golf course in the United States applies N at 100 kg·ha −1 per year ( Environmental Institute for Golf, 2016

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Timothy K. Hartz and Thomas G. Bottoms

growers now average greater than 110 Mg·ha −1 with individual fields greater than 130 Mg·ha −1 not uncommon. Increased yield potential, and the ability to apply nitrogen (N) fertilizer at will with no cultural constraints, have caused growers to re

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T.K. Hartz, R. Smith, and M. Gaskell

Organic production has become a significant sector of the vegetable industry in California. Providing sufficient soil nitrogen availability to reach maximum yield potential can be a challenge in organic culture. Cover cropping is generally the most

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Danijela Janjanin, Marko Karoglan, Mirjana Herak Ćustić, Marijan Bubola, Mirela Osrečak, and Igor Palčić

Nitrogen is a macronutrient with major role in plant growth as it is a constitutive part of nucleic acids, chlorophyll, amino acids, and therefore essential for the cell proliferation during intensive vegetative growth ( Jackson, 2000 ). Moreover

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Frederick S. Davies and Glenn Zalman

citrus trees in Florida. Adequate nutrition is essential for production of high-quality citrus nursery trees, but application rates, frequencies of application, and nitrogen (N) sources vary greatly among citrus nurseries worldwide. For example, annual N

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T.K. Hartz and R.F. Smith

resulted in a significant N pollution problem affecting groundwater and surface water. Many bodies of water in this region have a nitrate-nitrogen (NO 3 -N) concentration in excess of the Federal drinking water standard of 10 mg·L −1 . Regulatory pressure

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W.G. Harris, M. Chrysostome, T.A. Obreza, and V.D. Nair

senior author by V. Carlisle, F. Sodek, and various other scientists who contributed to the Florida Cooperative Soil Survey Program; 1 m = 3.2808 ft. The poorly drained conditions of flatwoods soils affect the fate of nitrogen (N) as well as P. There is a

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Carolyn DeMoranville

contrast, cranberry leaf P concentration is similar to that in many small and tree fruit crops. Table 1. Comparison of leaf nutrient critical concentrations (percent dry weight) of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) among several fruit crops

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Jiwoo Park and James E. Faust

lb/yard 3 ). Table 1. Growth and development measurements of petunia recorded at the end of the production phase [20 or 31 d after transplantation for replication (Rep.) 1 and 2, respectively] for petunia treated with 0, 50, 100, or 200 ppm nitrogen

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Zhongchun Jiang, Chenping Xu, and Bingru Huang

Nitrogen is an essential mineral nutrient for plant growth and development and is often a limiting factor in maintaining high-quality putting greens on golf courses. Because of environmental concerns and decreased root growth at high N, low rates of