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Nana Millicent Duduzile Buthelezi, Tieho Paulus Mafeo, and Nhlanhla Mathaba

fruit quality and yield by mitigating extreme weather changes, bringing on harvests and reducing reliance on pesticides ( Binbin et al., 2015 ; Kyrikou and Briassoulis, 2007 ). Most preharvest plastic bagging materials consist of polypropylene, which is

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Thomas A. Obreza, Robert E. Rouse, and Kelly T. Morgan

nutritional effects on citrus yield and fruit quality emphasize the importance of judiciously using P fertilizer. The objective of this experiment was to establish guidelines for P management in developing Florida grapefruit and orange orchards by determining

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Gerardo Lopez, M. Hossein Behboudian, Gemma Echeverria, Joan Girona, and Jordi Marsal

abounds with reports on the effects of DI on peach fruit quality as reviewed by Behboudian et al. (2011) . The emphasis has been on the quality attributes measured with instruments. The results are often not conducive to firm conclusions about consumers

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Irfan Ali Sabir, Xunju Liu, Songtao Jiu, Matthew Whiting, and Caixi Zhang

size are the key attributes. In many producing regions around the world, average yields can exceed 20 t/ha; however, there is a negative correlation between crop load per tree and fruit quality (Whiting and Lang, 2004). Moreover, the sweet cherry yield

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Fatih A. Canli and Hikmet Orhan

( Looney, 1996 ); however, its effects on fruit of low-yielding and large-fruited varieties have not been studied. GA 3 application resulted in variable responses in fruit quality and harvest characteristics of sweet cherry. GA 3 -treated sweet cherry

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Saki Toshima, Marika Fujii, Momoko Hidaka, Soya Nakagawa, Tomonari Hirano, and Hisato Kunitak

and abiotic stresses ( Dai et al., 2015 ; Stanys et al., 2019 ). Traits such as heat or cold tolerance, disease resistance, and fruit qualities are very important for the breeding of raspberry and blackberry ( Clark et al., 2012 ; Molina-Bravo et al

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David Campbell, Ali Sarkhosh, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Jennifer L. Gillett-Kaufman, Oscar Liburd, Juan Carlos Melgar, and Danielle Treadwell

( Mangifera indica L.) in Australia ( Hofman et al., 1997 ). In addition to providing pest and pathogen protection, bagging can affect fruit quality. Peach bagging research has shown inconsistent effects on fruit quality characteristics such as size

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Jesse Wimer, Debra Inglis, and Carol Miles

objective of this study was to determine the effects (if any) of various rootstock cultivars on verticillium wilt severity, yield, and fruit quality of grafted watermelon plants at three differing locations in Washington State. Materials and Methods

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Fatih Ali Canli, Murat Sahin, Nurettin Temurtas, and Mustafa Pektas

Apricot is a nutritious fruit being cultivated in temperate zones of the world ( Bhat et al., 2013 ). Fruit quality and consumer acceptance of apricot is mostly defined by fruit firmness, size, flavor, and attractiveness. Fruit size and firmness are

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Larry E. Schrader, Jianguang Zhang, Jianshe Sun, Jizhong Xu, Don C. Elfving, and Cindy Kahn

. Under these conditions, FST of sun-exposed apples can reach 45 to 50 °C. Exposure of apples to these high FST required for sunburn browning raises questions about what effects these high temperatures have on internal fruit quality. Yet very little has