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Jen Colcol Marzu, Elizabeth Straley, and Michael J. Havey

.3% ± 11.0%). Both of these male parents are homozygous dominant at the nuclear male-fertility restoration ( Ms ) locus and therefore hybrids were male fertile. Single F 1 plants from each cross were self-pollinated to produce two F 2 families ( Damon and

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Liwang Liu, Guang Liu, Yiqin Gong, Wenhao Dai, Yan Wang, Fanmin Yu, and Yunying Ren

Inheritance and fine mapping of fertility restoration for cytoplasmic male sterility in Gossypium hirsutum L Theor. Appl. Gene. 106 461 469 Liu, L.W. Hou, X.L. Gong, Y.Q. Zhang, Y.M. Wang, K

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Ryan N. Contreras, Thomas G. Ranney, and Shyamalrau P. Tallury

pollen germination from <1.0% in the diploid to nearly 66% in the allotetraploid. Female fertility of this intergeneric hybrid was also confirmed through a crossing study. The degree of fertility restoration reported for induced allopolyploids varies

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Theodore J. Kisha and Christopher S. Cramer

Grano 502’ are almost exclusively S cytoplasm, whereas ‘Texas Early Grano 502’ populations are almost exclusively normal (N) cytoplasm. This difference is important for the production of fertility restoration lines of ‘Texas Early Grano 502’ that have

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Meryem Ipek, Ahmet Ipek, Douglas Senalik, and Philipp W. Simon

fertility restoration Trend Plant Sci. 3 175 180 Simon, P.W. Jenderek, M.M. 2003 Flowering, seed production and the genesis of garlic breeding Plant Breed. Rev. 23 211 244 Takagi, H. 1990

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Wei Zhou, Xiaoming Wang, Jianhua Chen, Liangming Chen, Zhongquan Qiao, and Huijie Zeng

Ecology 62 866 869 Chen, F.J. Xu, B. Xie, Y.H. 2012 Phenology and visual valuable analyze of Lagerstroemia indica Northern Hort. 14 64 67 Chen, L.T. Liu, Y.G. 2014 Male sterility and fertility restoration in crops Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 65 579 606 Dell, B

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Fenghua Shi, Chun Sui, Yue Jin, Hao Huang, and Jianhe Wei

male sterility and fertility restoration Trends Plant Sci. 3 175 180 Shi, F.H. Sui, C. Yang, C.M. Wei, J.H. Jin, Y. Chen, H.J. Huang, L.Q. Zhao, Y.K. Zhao, X.S. Chu, Q.L. Yu, J. 2011 Development of a stable male-sterile line and its utilization in high

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Nan Tang, Wuhua Zhang, Liwen Chen, Yan Wang, and Daocheng Tang

genes BMC Immunol. 11 21 doi: 10.1186/1471-2172-11-21 Pring, D.R. Tang, H.V. Chase, C.D. Siripant, M.N. 2006 Microspore gene expression associated with cytoplasmic male sterility and fertility restoration in sorghum Sex. Plant Reprod. 19

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Yang Hu, Chao Gao, Quanen Deng, Jie Qiu, Hongli Wei, Lu Yang, Jiajun Xie, and Desheng Liao

.2135/cropsci1998.0011183X003800060019x Carlsson, J. Glimelius, K. 2011 Cytoplasmic male-sterility and nuclear encoded fertility restoration 469 491 Kempken, F. Plant mitochondria. Springer New York, NY Chaubal, R. Anderson, J.R. Trimnell