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Ariana Torres, Petrus Langenhoven, and Bridget K. Behe

diet, factors influencing melon consumption heightens the importance of understanding consumer perceptions and preferences for melons, especially for introducing new cultivars. Consumers can consider three types of product attributes when making a

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Philipp W. Simon

half of the U.S. and most Western countries suffering from diet-related chronic diseases ( Cordain et al., 2005 ). Furthermore, the economic impact of these diseases contributes significantly to the staggering healthcare costs borne by modern society

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Raymond A. Cloyd and Joshua D. Gillespie

compound tested. The compound treatments were white sugar (C&H Sugar Co., Crockett, CA), brown sugar, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew (PepsiCo), and a water control. The designated compounds were measured to exact quantities and then mixed thoroughly in 100

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Md J. Meagy, Touria E. Eaton, and Allen V. Barker

Health & Human Services, 2000 ; Ervin et al., 2004 ; Karll, 2000 ; Krause and Mahan, 1984 ; National Research Council, 1989 ). Diets rich in Ca minimize Ca deficiency and maximize good health and well-being ( Greenwald et al., 2001 ). The recommended

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Harbans L. Bhardwaj and Anwar A. Hamama

strong climbers; only a few cultivars from India are bush-type. It is a major source of protein in the human diet in southern states of India. The consumer preference varies with pod size, shape, color and aroma (pod fragrance). Lablab has been noted for

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Mark W. Farnham and Dean A. Kopsell

Carotenoids are lipid-soluble, secondary plant metabolites in vegetables reported to confer positive health-promoting effects when consumed in the diet ( Kopsell and Kopsell, 2006 ). Two nutritionally important, plant-derived carotenoids are

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Weiling Yuan, Shangyong Yuan, Zhixiong Liu, Leifu Chen, and Zhengming Qiu

-rich vegetables in diet could ameliorate the potential for calcium deficiency in human nutrition. Fresh leafy vegetables such as celery, collard, chinese cabbage, and soybean sprouts contain high levels of calcium, which are major sources of minerals ( Kamchan et

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Wilmer A. Barrera and David H. Picha

certain B vitamins in human diets. Besides the root, other sweetpotato plant tissues including young leaves and petioles are edible and high in nutritional value ( Johnson and Pace, 2010 ). Sweetpotato foliar tissues are predominantly consumed in African

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Dean A. Kopsell, Kimberly J. Whitlock, Carl E. Sams, and David E. Kopsell

quality. Regular consumption of a variety of specialty crops provides the human diet with essential vitamins and minerals, in addition to nutritionally important phytochemicals. Unique phytochemicals within these crops actively participate in chronic

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Megan J. Bowman, David K. Willis, and Philipp W. Simon

carotenoid consumption in the U.S. diet as carrots ( Simon et al., 2009 ). Despite its importance, the molecular regulation of carotenoid accumulation in the storage root of carrot has not been extensively researched. The genetic basis of carotenoid