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Patrick Burgess and Bingru Huang

abiotic stresses showed that excessive abundance of cytosolic GAPDH is typically associated with susceptibility to abiotic stresses such as drought, waterlogging, and hypoxia/anoxia ( Kosová et al., 2011 ). In this study, cytosolic GAPDH protein abundance

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Kevin Laskowski and Emily Merewitz

stress . The lipid peroxidation and other anomalies associated with lipid damage that result from reaeration can differentiate between anoxia tolerant and intolerant species ( Blokhina et al., 1999 ). Plants also respond to post-anoxic reaeration by

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Kehua Wang and Yiwei Jiang

superoxide dismutase in wheat roots in response to hypoxia and anoxia Plant Cell Environ. 23 135 144 Blum, A. Ebercon, A. 1981 Cell membrane stability as a measure of drought and heat tolerance in wheat Crop Sci. 21

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Pheonah Nabukalu and Carrie A. Knott

roots at the soil level (data not shown). This could be another survival mechanism to replace roots that had been killed by anoxia ( Vartapetian and Jackson, 1997 ). These roots usually emerge from the crown into surface layers to enhance oxygen

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Ting Min, Li-Fang Niu, Jun Xie, Yang Yi, Li-mei Wang, You-wei Ai, and Hong-xun Wang

Hevea brasiliensis Müll. Arg Genomics Appl. Biol. 33 845 852 Min, T. Fang, F. Ge, H. Shi, Y.N. Luo, Z.R. Yao, Y.C. Grierson, D. Yin, X.R. Chen, K.S. 2014 Two novel anoxia-induced ethylene response factors that interact with promoters of deastringency

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Michael W. Olszewski, Marion H. Holmes, and Courtney A. Young

( Dunnett and Nolan, 2004 ), suggesting that increased water retention could potentially cause root anoxia or other physiological problems. However, we observed increased shoot dry weight and coverage area for ‘Weihenstephaner Gold’ stonecrop and ‘Summer

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Mikal E. Saltveit

crops, p. 3–15. In: C.Y. Wang (ed.). Chilling injury of horticultural crops. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL Techavuthiporn, C. Boonyaritthongchai, P. 2016 Effect of prestorage short-term anoxia treatment and modified atmosphere packaging on the physical and

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Eliezer E. Goldschmidt

sinensis during floral bud induction and initiation: Water deficit effects HortScience 47 (suppl) S189 S190 [ASHS Annual Conference abstract] Alferez, F. Zhong, G.Y. Burns, J.K. 2007 A citrus abscission agent induces anoxia- and senescence-related gene

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Julie Bussières, Stéphanie Boudreau, Guillaume Clément–Mathieu, Blanche Dansereau, and Line Rochefort

periodically remain high as a result of the low hydraulic conductivity of peat with associated risk of anoxia in the root zone. Moreover, the remaining peat has a low thermal conductivity, is highly acidic, and has a low nutritional content ( Myllis, 1996

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Chunyang Zhang, Jiefang Wu, Danwen Fu, Limin Wang, Jiezhen Chen, Changhe Cai, and Liangxi Ou

anoxia resulting in accumulation of toxic chemicals, and leaching of cellular constituents that might stimulate fungal or bacterial attack. Indeed, we observed that the water was gradually turned turbid and brown with extension in soaking time more than