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Ying Gao, Hao Liu, and Dong Pei

)], and hybrid poplar [ Populus alba × ( P. davidiana × P. simonii ) × P. tomentosa ( Dong et al., 2012 )]. Previous attempts have been made to establish the relationships among the morphological characteristics, physiology, and histogenesis of

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Fatemeh Khodadadi, Masoud Tohidfar, Mehdi Mohayeji, Abhaya M. Dandekar, Charles A. Leslie, Daniel A. Kluepfel, Timothy Butterfield, and Kourosh Vahdati

( Malacosoma disstria ) Planta 220 87 96 Wang, J. Constabel, C.P. 2004b Three polyphenol oxidases from hybrid poplar are differentially expressed during development and after wounding and elicitor treatment Physiol. Plant. 122 344 353 Ward, E.R. Uknes, S

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Yali Song and Bingru Huang

. 2011 Influence of growth temperature and measuring temperature on isoprene emission, diffusive limitations of photosynthesis and respiration in hybrid poplars Atmos. Environ. 45 155 161 Farrar, J.F. Williams, M.L. 1991 The effects of increased

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Adel F. Ahmed, Hongjun Yu, Xueyong Yang, and Weijie Jiang

11 Wullschleger, S.D. Yin, T.M. DiFazio, S.P. Tschaplinski, T.J. Gunter, L.E. Davis, M.F. Tuskan, G.A. 2005 Phenotypic variation in growth and biomass distribution for two advanced-generation pedigrees of hybrid poplar Can. J. Res. 35 1779 1789

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Benjamin K. Hoover

in potting mix for hybrid poplar BioEnergy Res. 7 1 120 131 Ippolito, J.A. Laird, D.A. Busscher, W.J. 2012 Environmental benefits of biochar J. Environ. Qual. 41 4 967 972 Judd, L.A. Jackson, B.E. Fonteno, W.C. 2015 Advancements in root growth

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Qianqian Sheng and Zunling Zhu

. Yang, R. Sun, G.Y. 2015 Gaseous NO 2 effects on stomatal behavior, photosynthesis and respiration of hybrid poplar leaves Acta Physiol. Plant. 37 39 10.1007/s11738-014-1749-8 Huttunen, S. Soikkeli, S. 1984 Effects of various gaseous pollutants on plant

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Mudau N. Fhatuwani and Makunga P. Nokwanda

concentrations of total reactive phenolics present in leaf extracts were determined by using the Folin–Denis assay ( Waterman and Mole, 1994 ) and slightly modified by Appel et al. (2001) . The standard curves were developed using standards purified from hybrid

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Lisa J. Rowland, Anik L. Dhanaraj, Dhananjay Naik, Nadim Alkharouf, Ben Matthews, and Rajeev Arora

thaliana PLoS Genetics 1 179 196 Howe, G.T. Saruul, P. Davis, J. Chen, T.H.H. 2000 Quantitative genetics of bud phenology, frost damage, and winter survival in an F 2 family of hybrid poplars

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Michael R. Evans, Brian E. Jackson, Michael Popp, and Sammy Sadaka

the biochar. Red oak ( Quercus rubra ) biochar added to peat or peat-vermiculite substrates resulted in an increased shoot biomass of hybrid poplar ( Populus sp.) cuttings as a result of increased nutrient concentrations and availability due to the

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Yihua Chen, Peng Jiang, Shivegowda Thammannagowda, Haiying Liang, and H. Dayton Wilde

× domestica ), pear ( Pyrus communis ), and hybrid poplar ( Populus tremula × alba ) was shortened by years when the expression of TFL1 orthologs was suppressed ( Frieman et al., 2011 ; Kotoda et al., 2006 ; Mohamed et al., 2010 ). The annual flowering