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Peter Boches, Brooke Peterschmidt, and James R. Myers

Tomatoes are an important food crop and a significant constituent in the human diet, being the second most consumed vegetable in the United States after potatoes ( Economic Research Service, USDA, 2008 ). Because they comprise a large portion of the

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Anne Frary, M. Ali Keçeli, Bilal Ökmen, Hasan Ö. Şιğva, Ahmet Yemenicioğlu, and Sami Doğanlar

future breeding programs. Breeding of higher antioxidant pepper cultivars could help improve human health because a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is considered to be the most important protection against many types of diseases ( Ferrari and Torres

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Loutrina Staley, D.G. Mortley, C.K. Bonsi, A. Bovell-Benjamin, and P. Gichuhi

, 1990 ). Fruits and vegetables are critical parts of a healthy diet and are rich sources of many nutrients such as vitamins C and K, folate, thiamine, carotenes, several minerals, and dietary fiber ( Palada et al., 2006 ). In addition, antioxidants that

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Dru N. Montri, Bridget K. Behe, and Kimberly Chung

healthy foods. Limited access to nutritious food may be linked to poor diets, increases in obesity, and diet-related diseases ( USDA, 2009 ). However, recent evidence suggests that when low-income individuals have access to retail outlets that provide

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Nicole L. Waterland, Youyoun Moon, Janet C. Tou, Moo Jung Kim, Eugenia M. Pena-Yewtukhiw, and Suejin Park

., 2013 ; Taiz et al., 2015 ). Another micronutrient, Na, can substitute K in some metabolic functions ( Taiz et al., 2015 ). Essential nutrients are not only important for plant growth and development, but are also required in the human diet ( Santos et

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Anita Solar and Franci Štampar

five times per week to reduce the risk of heart disease ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2003 ). Hazelnuts are a part of healthy diets such as the Mediterranean diet and are more and more in demand by well-informed consumers who want to eat

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Timothy Coolong, Derek M. Law, John C. Snyder, Brent Rowell, and Mark A. Williams

., 2009 ). Leafy greens may be attractive to consumers wanting a nutrient-rich diet. It is noteworthy that those consumers concerned with health and diet may also be regular purchasers of organically grown fruits and vegetables ( Zanoli and Naspetti, 2002

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Kathleen Kelley, Jeffrey Hyde, James Travis, and Robert Crassweller

household members had dietary needs that required a diet consisting mainly of fruits and/or vegetables; 4) their attitudes toward, and purchasing history of, locally grown and certified-organic produce; and 5) their reasons for purchasing produce directly

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Ramesh R. Sagili, Carolyn R. Breece, Rhonda Simmons, and John H. Borden

increase protein content in the brood food-producing glands of nurse bees, thus increasing the quality of the diet fed to larvae and the queen ( Mohammedi et al., 1996 ; Pankiw et al., 2004 ; Peters et al., 2010 ). It also stimulates queen egg laying rate

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Ittetsu Yamaga and Sakura Hamasaki

Mitsuzumi, H. 2011 Possibilities of glucosyl hesperidin, a citrus polyphenol, in the field of functional foods J. Integr. Stud. Diet. Habits. 21 263 267 Miyake, Y. 2006 Characteristics of flavonoids in Niihime fruit - a new sour citrus fruit Food Sci