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Jessica Chitwood, Ainong Shi, Michael Evans, Curt Rom, Edward E. Gbur Jr., Dennis Motes, Pengyin Chen, and David Hensley

the seeds from these genotypes were harvested in 2008 and stored at −20 °C. These genotypes were selected because of their frequent use in past spinach production in Arkansas, and also because these are advanced lines with very high white rust

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Magaji G. Usman, Mohd Y. Rafii, Mohd Razi Ismail, Mohammad Abdul Malek, and Mohammad Abdul Latif

.Y. Govers, F. Huang, L.L. Kang, Z.S. 2011 Characterization of a wheat HSP70 gene and its expression in response to stripe rust infection and abiotic stresses Mol. Biol. Rpt. 38 301 307 Efeoğlu, B. 2009 Heat shock proteins and heat shock response in plants

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Sheng Wang, Qi Zhang, and Eric Watkins

2008 for improved winter-hardiness and crown rust resistance. Other cultivars and selections were identified based on their performance (i.e., acceptable quality under low-maintenance management) in turfgrass trials in Minnesota and/or North Dakota

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Alyssa R. Tarrant, Daniel C. Brainard, and Zachary D. Hayden

) than the warm season grasses. Rye, wheat, and barley became heavily infected with rust in July of both years, which likely further limited their growth. In interpreting results of this study, it is important to keep in mind that living mulches were

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Ariadna Monroy-Barbosa and Paul W. Bosland

1050 Flor, H.H. 1947 Inheritance of reaction to rust in flax J. Agr. Res. 74 241 262 Geis, J.R. Futrell, M.C. Garrett, W.N. 1958 A method for inoculating single wheat leaves with

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Myounghai Kwak, Jeong-Ki Hong, Eun Sil Lee, Byoung Yoon Lee, Min Hwan Suh, and Bert Cregg

genetic variation has also been applied to determine whether breeding for white pine blister rust ( Cronartium ribicola ) has affected diversity in western white pine ( Pinus monticola ) ( Kim et al., 2003 ). A previous microsatellite analysis of wild A

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Rachel E. Rudolph, Lisa W. DeVetter, Inga A. Zasada, and Cedar Hesse

, ‘Norwest 553’ wheat, ‘Rosalyn’ wheat, and ‘Trical 103BB’ triticale. To prepare for DNA extraction, frozen soil samples were thawed in a refrigerator overnight. DNA was extracted from 5 g of alleyway soil from each treatment plot using the PowerMax Soil DNA

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Benjamin K. Hoover

xylan and glucuronic acid were involved in promoting germination. Two studies have reported an increase in wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) germination in soils amended with biochar ( Solaiman et al., 2012 ; Van Zwieten et al., 2010 ). Nair and Carpenter

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Yim F. So, Martin M. Williams II, and Jerald K. Pataky

of herbicide-resistant weeds and a growing organic market in several crops, including sweet corn, have fueled interest in CT playing a larger role in weed management. In agronomic crops such as wheat, rice, and soybean, efforts have been made to breed

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Tina P. Thomas, Madhurababu Kunta, John V. da Graça, Mamadou Sétamou, Mani Skaria, and Apurba Bhattacharya

Phytophthora megasperma f.sp. glycinea Planta 172 101 105 Broers, L.H.M. Jacobs, T.H. 1989 The inheritance of host plant effect on latency period of wheat leaf rust in spring wheat. II. Number of segregating factors and