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John R. Stommel, Gordon J. Lightbourn, Brenda S. Winkel, and Robert J. Griesbach

by inhibiting miRNA or siRNA formation responsible for absence of chalcone synthase ( Koseki et al., 2005 ). Further studies are planned to examine anthocyanin biosynthetic and regulatory miRNA genes in C. annuum . Literature Cited

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Ying Yang, Xian-Ge Hu, Bingsong Zheng, Yue Li, Tongli Wang, Anket Sharma, Huwei Yuan, and Jian-Feng Mao

KEGG annotation. Discussion The sRNA-mediated transcriptional or posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression, including the miRNA and siRNA pathways, which is an important epigenetic regulatory mechanism in plants. In this study, with

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Lu Zhang, You-biao Hu, Hua-sen Wang, Sheng-jun Feng, and Yu-ting Zhang

.S. 2004 SGS3 and SGS2/SDE1/RDR6 are required for juvenile development and the production of trans-acting siRNAs in arabidopsis Genes Dev. 18 2368 2379 Poethig, R.S. 1988 Heterochronic mutations affecting shoot development in maize Genetics 119 959 973

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Qianqian Shi, Xiaoxiao Zhang, Xiang Li, Lijuan Zhai, Xiaoning Luo, Jianrang Luo, Lixia He, Yanlong Zhang, and Long Li

complex floral and vegetative pigmentation patterning Plant J. 65 771 784 Allen, E. Xie, Z. Gustafson, A.M. Carrington, J.C. 2005 MicroRNA directed phasing during trans-acting siRNA biogenesis in plants Cell 121 207 221 Ashburner, M. Ball, C.A. Blake, J