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Paul W. Bosland

that we have in the world today, combined with political will, can solve this problem. First Lady Michelle Obama, by planting a garden on the South Lawn of the White House, easily became the nation's most highly profiled gardener/horticulturist. Her

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Myles Lewis, Chieri Kubota, Russell Tronstad, and Young-Jun Son

as well as selected coefficients (constants). Examples of derived variables are greenhouse space, healing chamber space, facility construction costs, facility utility costs, and substrate and fertilizer consumption costs. Equations and assumptions

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Shawna L. Daley, Jeffrey Adelberg, and Richard L. Hassell

., 2008 )] that can prevent successful graft healing or infect successfully grafted transplants. Decreasing the tray cell size and preventing the spread of disease via the rootstock cotyledon is an important objective in improving the efficiency of grafted

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Wei Wu, Shijia Wen, Tangkai Feng, Guoke Chen, and Bo Yang

named in Changsha’s Tianxin Garden in 1938 by the famous forest scientist Peizhong Ye ( Hou et al., 2005 ). The leaf shape is the same as the parent species. It is a rare ornamental variety native to Liuyang, Hunan ( Huang et al., 1998 ). The flowers and

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Sarah A. Masterson, Megan M. Kennelly, Rhonda R. Janke, and Cary L. Rivard

-farm grafting with limited greenhouse facilities. Grafted plants are placed inside “healing chambers” covered with polyethylene film and shadecloth to maintain high humidity and reduce light intensity directly after being grafted ( Masterson et al., 2016

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Hyunju Jo, Susan Rodiek, Eijiro Fujii, Yoshifumi Miyazaki, Bum-Jin Park, and Seoung-Won Ann

Outdoor wandering parks for persons with dementia: A survey of characteristics and use Alzheimer Dis. Assoc. Disord. 13 109 117 Cooper Marcus, C. Barnes, M. 1999 Healing gardens: Therapeutic benefits and design recommendations. John Wiley & Sons, New York

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Claudia C. Collins and Angela M. O'Callaghan

develop an outdoor healing garden for Silver Sky, it became obvious that an interim step was needed. Social interaction in ALFs has been found to be predictive of quality of life and measures of happiness ( Street et al., 2007 ). Theorizing that plants

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Hui He, Yanwei Yu, Jiamin Li, Luyun Hu, and Fan Zhou

psychiatric strategies in Europe and the United States ( Zhang and Liu, 2009 ). In 1812, Dr. Benjamin Rush, known as the father of American psychiatry, first learned of the positive effects of garden work on patients with mental illnesses. Up to the 1940s, the

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Hui He, Tingting Li, Fan Zhou, Qianjun Yang, Luyun Hu, and Yanwei Yu

-session edible horticultural therapy program for schizophrenic patients with extrapyramidal symptoms. The study was conducted in the healing garden of Wudong Hospital in Wuhan. Before each session, a warm-up activity and a course were organized. In the course

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Charles E. Barrett, Xin Zhao, and Alan W. Hodges

(Hydro-Gardens, CO Springs, CO) was used to hold the grafted scion and rootstock together. Grafted seedlings were placed in a climate controlled walk-in cooler at 25 °C and 95% relative humidity and kept in darkness for 24 h. Relative humidity was reduced