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Gitta Shurberg, Amy L. Shober, Christine Wiese, Geoffrey Denny, Gary W. Knox, Kimberly A. Moore, and Mihai C. Giurcanu

the proper fertilization (e.g., rate, timing, and/or application method) of landscape-grown perennials. Most of the research focused on fertilizer requirements for perennial plant species was focused on achieving maximum growth and was conducted on

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez and Touria E. Eaton

irrigation rate on plant growth and fruit yield in eggplant. Materials and Methods Study site. The study was carried out at the Horticulture Farm, University of Georgia, Tifton, GA, during the fall of 2010 and 2011. The farm is located at an altitude of 108 m

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Antonio Pompeiano, Nicola Grossi, and Marco Volterrani

since late 1950s to fathom out the best cultural practices to hasten establishment rate. Nitrogen fertilization has been well documented to increase shoot growth in bermudagrass, but it has inconsistent effects on zoysiagrass establishment ( Carroll et

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Qiang Zhu, Monica Ozores-Hampton, Yuncong Li, Kelly Morgan, Guodong Liu, and Rao S. Mylavarapu

to determine the optimum P rate for tomato production based on LTPC, plant growth, fruit yield, and postharvest quality in a calcareous soil. Materials and Methods The study was conducted at the University of Florida (UF)/Institute of Food and

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Nikki Hanson, Amy L. Ross-Davis, and Anthony S. Davis

these larger seedlings also have higher survival rates and continue to realize greater growth rates in the field after planting ( Pinto et al., 2015 ; Sutherland and Day, 1988 ). Similar to increased container volume, identifying optimal species

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Ajay Nair and Brandon Carpenter

effect biochar on seed germination, plant growth, and growing medium chemical characteristics, and 3) determine if transplant tray cell number is an important factor when determining optimal biochar rates for transplant production. Materials and methods

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Martin P.N. Gent

( Demsar et al., 2004 ). This resulted in an interaction of effects of nitrate and irradiance on growth ( De Pinheiro Henricques and Marcelis, 2000 ). There was a linear relation between the maximum rate of nitrate inflow into lettuce roots and RGR, as

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Diana R. Cochran and Amy Fulcher

, growers can manipulate flowering dates to extend shipping periods ( Hayashi et al., 2001 ). To achieve target uniformity, nursery producers manually prune and, less commonly, use chemical PGRs to enhance plant growth and plant architecture. Manual pruning

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Elisa Solis-Toapanta, Paul Fisher, and Celina Gómez

grown in a greenhouse would produce more biomass and have higher nutrient uptake compared with those grown in an indoor environment because of faster growth rates induced by close-to-optimal environmental conditions. Materials and Methods Plant material

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Ada Baldi, Anna Lenzi, Marco Nannicini, Andrea Pardini, and Romano Tesi

different N, P, and K rates on the growth and the nutrient content of hybrid bermudagrass plants grown in pots as donor plants in the nursery. Materials and methods Plant material, growing conditions, and experimental treatments. A study was conducted in the