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Michael E. Tarter and Stefano Poni

The variate “cluster weight” is an important Vitis vinifera vine yield component and its main subcomponents are berry number and berry weight ( Clingeleffer et al., 2000 ). This variate's values can be affected by factors that include scion

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Amir Rezazadeh and Eric T. Stafne

Plant materials. In 2017, dormant grape cuttings from 5-year-old ‘Blanc du bois’ [ Vitis aestivalis Fla. D6-148 × Vitis vinifera ‘Cardinal’ ( Mortenson, 1987 )], ‘Lake Emerald’ [ Vitis simpsoni ‘Pixiola’ × V. vinifera ‘Golden Muscat’ ( Stover, 1954

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Michele Renee Warmund, Patrick Guinan, and Gina Fernandez

greatest crop losses were on grapevines of cultivars such as ‘Marechal Foch’, ‘Leon Millot’, ‘De Chaunac’ [French-American hybrids ( Vitis vinifera L. × Vitis labrusca L.)] ‘Delaware’ (American hybrid), and ‘La Crosse’ [neo-American hybrid (a 20th and 21

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Susana Boso Alonso, Virginia Alonso-Villaverde Pilar Gago, José L. Santiago, Mariá C. Martínez, and Emilio Rodriguez

The grapevine cultivar Albariño ( Vitis vinifera L.) has long been grown in northwestern Spain and the north of Portugal. The approval of the Appellation Contrôlée (A.C) “Rías Baixas” denomination in northwestern Spain in 1988 ( Ministerio de

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Mingtao Zhu, Jun Yu, Sheng Wu, Meijun Wang, and Guoshun Yang

Spine grape is a wild grape species in South China that is also called Chinese Bramble grape and Davids Rebe. It belongs to the East Asian Vitis spp. ( Meng et al., 2012a ) and is mainly distributed in Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces (China). It is

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Atsushi Kono, Akihiko Sato, Yusuke Ban, and Nobuhito Mitani

, classifying ‘Pinot’, ‘Malaga’, ‘Riesling’, and ‘Muscat Hamburg’ as resistant and ‘Thompson Seedless’, ‘Muscat of Alexandria’, and ‘Flame Tokay’ as susceptible cultivars. Mortensen (1981) recorded the anthracnose symptom severity of 67 Vitis clones for 4 to

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Fucheng Shan and Kevin Seaton

propagation techniques. Materials and Method Plant materials and preparation All the plant propagation materials were maintained in pots in a greenhouse at the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia, South Perth. The grapevines ( Vitis vinifera

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Cassandra M. Plank, Edward W. Hellman, and Thayne Montague

MPs are a class of aroma compounds responsible for vegetal aromas in fruit of some Vitis vinifera L. wine grape cultivars. MPs have been quantified in Grenache ( López et al., 1999 ), Merlot ( Sala et al., 2000 ), Cabernet Franc ( Allen et al

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Rachel P. Naegele

Botrytis cinerea is a generalist nectrophic fungus capable of infecting more than 200 species of plants ( Droby and Lichter, 2007 ). In Vitis spp., B. cinerea can incite bunch rot, also known as gray mold, in addition to cane and leaf spot

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Andrew L. Thomas, Jackie L. Harris, Elijah A. Bergmeier, and R. Keith Striegler

the establishment years, and increased labor costs in caring for the graft unions. Although rootstocks are widely used with wine grape ( Vitis vinifera ) genotypes in Europe, California, and Australia ( Whiting, 2012 ), the majority of hybrid grapes