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Mary Jane Clark and Youbin Zheng

potting mixes in Canada. General purpose potting mixes can be used to grow a wide range of plants; however, petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ), tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum ), and zonal geranium ( Pelargonium × hortorum ) are among the plants most commonly

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Jason J. Danaher, Jeremy M. Pickens, Jeffrey L. Sibley, Jesse A. Chappell, Terrill R. Hanson, and Claude E. Boyd

, J.L. Boyer, C.R. Witcher, A.L. 2008 Wholetree substrate and fertilizer rate in production of greenhouse grown petunia ( Petunia ×hybrida Vilm.) and marigold ( Tagetes patula L.) HortScience 43 700 705 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United

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Jiwoo Park and James E. Faust

relatively high nutrient concentrations (e.g., 250–350 ppm N) to maximize growth and reduce the production time of crops, such as petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ), that are considered to be “heavy feeders” ( Dole et al., 2002 ; Zhang et al., 2012

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Ryan W. Dickson, Kalyn M. Helms, Brian E. Jackson, Leala M. Machesney, and Jung Ae Lee

Vista Bubblegum’ ( Petunia × hybrida Vilm.-Andr.) grown in hanging basket containers. In addition to the blended substrate treatments, petunia were also grown in 100% peat, which served as a nonblended reference substrate. There were four replicates

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Jonathan Ebba, Ryan W. Dickson, Paul R. Fisher, Crysta N. Harris, Todd Guerdat, and Sofia Flores

production and the consumer phases with container-grown petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ). The second objective was to evaluate the potential of irrigating with a high rate of WSF plus a PGR as the final irrigation of production and immediately before sale to

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Marc W. Van Iersel, Sue Dove, Jong-Goo Kang, and Stephanie E. Burnett

growth and water relations of petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ); and 2) to quantify the daily water use of petunias as they develop from seedlings to salable plants. Materials and Methods Plant material and growing conditions. Opaque containers

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Touria E. Eaton, Douglas A. Cox, and Allen V. Barker

al., 1997 ). Although organic fertilizers are available in the market, little information is available on their performance, their influence on plant growth and quality, or their N leaching characteristics. Therefore, the objective of this work was to

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Madeline W. Olberg and Roberto G. Lopez

development based on environmental factors Acta Hort. 511 15 24 Kaczperski, M.P. Carlson, W.H. Karlsson, M.G. 1991 Growth and development of Petunia × hybrida as a function of temperature and irradiance J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 116 232 237 Lamont, W. 2009

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Shuyang Zhen and Stephanie E. Burnett

lower DLI. van Iersel et al. (2010) similarly reported that petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ) used less water when DLI was low. Kim et al. (2011) modeled DWU of petunia based on plant and environmental factors and found that plant size and DLI were the

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Gonzalo H. Villarino and Neil S. Mattson

. Rose, S.A. 1987 Salt tolerant bedding plants Proc. Florida State Hort. Soc. 100 181 182 Xu, K. Hong, P. Luo, L. Xia, T. 2009 Overexpression of AtNHX1, a vacuolar Na + /H + antiporter from Arabidopsis thalina , in Petunia hybrida enhances salt and