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Brian E. Whipker, Robert T. Eddy, and P. Allen Hammer

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Shravan Dasoju, Michael R. Evans, and Brian E. Whipker

Economics Expt. Sta. journal paper no. 17621. Project no. 3345 supported by Hatch Act and State of Iowa funds. Thanks to Benary Seed Co., Glen Ellyn, Ill. for supplying seed, Berbee Bulb Co, Marysville, OH for supplying dahlia tubers and Uniroyal Chemical Co

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Allison H. Justice, James E. Faust, and Julia L. Kerrigan

%, 10%, or 20% colonized perlite). Dahlia and lantana treatments consisted of noncolonized media, noncolonized media plus rooting hormone applied to the URCs, and media inoculations with each of three rates of P. indica (5%, 10%, or 20% colonized

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Daedre S. Craig and Erik S. Runkle

-cell (6 mL) plug trays and rooted cuttings of chrysanthemum ‘Adiva Purple’ and dahlia ‘Dahlinova Figaro Mix’ grown in 36-cell (32 mL) liner trays were received from a commercial greenhouse (C. Raker & Sons, Litchfield, MI). The young plants were

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Matthew G. Blanchard and Erik S. Runkle

United States, with different DIF regimens. Materials and Methods During Sept. 2008 (Year 1) and Mar. 2009 (Year 2), seeds of dahlia ( Dahlia × hybrida Cav. ‘Figaro Mix’), French marigold ( Tagetes patula L. ‘Janie Flame’), and zinnia ( Zinnia elegans

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Hisanao Suzue, Munetaka Hosokawa, and Susumu Yazawa

’, ‘Seiko-no-makoto’, and dahlia ( Dahlia spp.) ‘Matsuribayashi’ plants were grown at the experimental farm of Kyoto University. After pinching the main stem, elongated vegetative lateral shoots were hand-picked for use in the experiments. Bulbs of Lilium

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Xuan (Jade) Wu, Melinda J. Knuth, Charles R. Hall, and Marco A. Palma

(when substituted for ranunculus) cost ≈$2.45 per arrangement (five stems) vs. $9.15 (five stems) for ranunculus. Football chrysanthemum ( Chrysanthemum morifolium ) was the inexpensive species substituted for dahlia ( Dahlia hybrida ). The wholesale

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Michael A. Ortiz, Krystyna Hyrczyk, and Roberto G. Lopez

Blue’ (PanAmerican Seed) and Zinnia ‘Benary Giant Scarlet’ (Ernst Benary of America Inc., DeKalb, IL) seeds were sown as previously indicated, except Matthiola seeds were not covered with vermiculite. Dahlia ‘Karma Thalia Dark Fuchsia’ plugs

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Qingwu Meng and Erik S. Runkle

Jan. 2013, respectively. Cuttings of ‘Callie Deep Yellow’ calibrachoa and ‘Dahlinova Texas’ dahlia were stuck into 51-cell (27-mL) strip trays on 5 Jan. 2013 and 9 Jan. 2013, respectively. These eight crops were chosen according to their photoperiodic

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Erin M.R. Clark, John M. Dole, Alicain S. Carlson, Erin P. Moody, Ingram F. McCall, Frankie L. Fanelli, and William C. Fonteno

trials The Cut Flower Qrtly. 22 1 44 50 Dole, J. McCall, I. Regan, E. 2010 2009 ASCFG cut flower seed trial The Cut Flower Qrtly. 22 1 24 43 Dole, J.M. Viloria, Z. Fanelli, F.L. Fonteno, W. 2009 Postharvest evaluation of cut dahlia, linaria, lupine, poppy