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Dennis C. Odero and Alan L. Wright

.S. Horak, M.J. Boyer, J. 2001 Interference of palmer amaranth in corn Weed Sci. 49 202 208 Meyers, S.L. Jennings, K.M. Schultheis, J.R. Monks, D.W. 2010 Interference of palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) in sweetpotato Weed Sci. 58 199 203 Mirshekari, B

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Nader Soltani, Peter H. Sikkema, John Zandstra, John O'Sullivan, and Darren E. Robinson

( Amaranthus palmeri ), common lambsquarters ( Chenopdium album ), velvetleaf ( Abutilon theophrasti ), kochia ( Kochia scoparia ), Amaranthus spp., Polygonum spp., Sinapis spp., Solanum spp., barnyardgrass ( Echinochloa crus-galli ), Digitaria spp

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Karen Mitchell, Elizabeth French, Janna Beckerman, Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi, Jeff Volenec, and Kevin Gibson

of biochar on parasitic yellow rattle ( Rhinanthus minor ) abundance. Biochar did not increase the biomass of palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ), sicklepod ( Senna obtusifolia ), and southern crabgrass ( Digitaria ciliaris ), although it did

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Avery Shikanai and Karla L. Gage

palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) density in grafted and nongrafted watermelon Weed Sci. 67 2 229 238 Bonanno, A.R. 1996 Weed management in plasticulture HortTechnology 6 186 189

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Lavesta C. Hand, Kayla M. Eason, Taylor M. Randell, Timothy L. Grey, John S. Richburg, Timothy W. Coolong, and A. Stanley Culpepper

glyphosate and paraquat ( Kemble et al., 2019 ). With widespread glyphosate resistance in Palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri S. Wats), paraquat is the only effective option if applied to small weeds ( Chaudhari et al., 2017 ; Culpepper et al., 2006

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Donnie K. Miller, Thomas M. Batts, Josh T. Copes, and David C. Blouin

) varieties with these traits are readily available for purchase and use by producers. Dicamba and 2,4-D selectively control most dicotyledonous plants including morningglory ( Ipomoea sp.) ( Siebert et al., 2004 ), palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri

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Virender Kumar, Daniel C. Brainard, and Robin R. Bellinder

Digitaria sanguinalis and Amaranthus palmeri using autumn-sown glucosinolate-producing cover crops in organically grown bell pepper Weed Res. 47 425 432 Oglesby, K.A. Fownes, J.H. 1992 Effects of chemical composition on nitrogen mineralization from green

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Jacob C. Domenghini

:// > Rowland, M.W. Murray, D.S. Verhalen, L.M. 1999 Full-season palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) interference with cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum ) Weed Sci. 47 305 309 Shaw, D.R. Arnold, J.C. 2002 Weed control from

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Will Wheeler, Reagan Wytsalucy, Brent Black, Grant Cardon, and Bruce Bugbee

Evaluating effect of degree of water stress on growth and fecundity of Palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) using soil moisture sensors Weed Sci. 66 738 745 Chard, J. van Iersel, M. Bugbee, B. 2016 Mini-lysimeters to monitor transpiration and control

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Sanjeev K. Bangarwa, Jason K. Norsworthy, Ronald L. Rainey, and Edward E. Gbur

esculentus ) Weed Biol. Manage. 6 131 138 10.1111/j.1445-6664.2006.00208.x Norsworthy, J.K. Malik, M.S. Jha, P. Riley, M.B. 2007 Suppression of Digitaria sanguinalis and Amaranthus palmeri using autumn-sown glucosinolate-producing cover crops in