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Angela Knerl, Brendon Anthony, Sara Serra, and Stefano Musacchi

As the Pacific Northwest fruit industry shifts to precision-based management strategies for their orchards, tools are needed to understand tree physiology in the orchard to optimize fruit quality. Leaf area index is the ratio between the summed area

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Jose G. Franco, Stephen R. King, Joseph G. Masabni, and Astrid Volder

measurement dates. Little change in LAI between 43 and 63 DALP also indicates that the canopy had almost reached full maturity at 43 DALP. Fig. 6. Leaf area index [leaf area index (square meters leaf area per square meter soil surface)] of monoculture controls

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Silvia Jiménez Becker, Blanca María Plaza, and María Teresa Lao

), and leaf area index (LAI). Materials and Methods Plant growth environment and irrigation systems. The trial was carried out in a 150-m 2 Buried Solar Greenhouse with zenithal ventilation and relative humidity and temperature control equipment. The

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Tripti Vashisth and Taylor Livingston

the experiment. Canopy density. HLB-affected trees often have sparse canopies; therefore, canopy density can be a good indicator of tree health and growth. Leaf area index (LAI) was measured for each tree to estimate canopy density. A plant canopy

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Said A. Hamido, Kelly T. Morgan, Robert C. Ebel, and Davie M. Kadyampakeni

tree. Leaf area and leaf area index. During SF measurements, leaves were counted on two trees for each treatment on the branches holding the SF sensors. Average individual leaf area was estimated by sampling 10 representative leaves at different points

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Toshio Shibuya, Akihito Sugimoto, Yoshiaki Kitaya, and Makoto Kiyota

humidity. The air velocity at 5 mm above the leaf surface under each plant density condition was measured with a hot-wire anemometer (Anemomaster Model 6071; Kanomax Japan, Inc., Suita, Japan) at the end of each set of measurements. Leaf area index (LAI) of

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Silvia Jiménez, Mónica Pérez, Blanca María Plaza, Roberto Salinas, and María Teresa Lao

, such as temperature, vapor pressure deficit (VPD), and Rg, and to growth parameters such as leaf area index (LAI). In addition, the influence of the N form supply (NO 3 – -N or NH 4 + -N) on P uptake and on the defined as the ratio of P and water

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Silvia Jiménez Becker, Maria Teresa Lao, and Mari Luz Segura

pressure deficit (VPD) and global radiation (Rg), and growth parameters such as leaf area index (LAI). Materials and Methods Plant growth environment and irrigation systems. Trials were carried out in an INSOLE (Buried Solar Greenhouse) with

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Xiaofeng Yang, Gang Li, Weihong Luo, Lili Chen, Shaopeng Li, Ming Cao, and Xuebin Zhang

), PTI sum (MJ·m −2 ) is the accumulated PTI since planting date, LAI max (m 2 ·m −2 ) is the maximum value of LAI, r LAI [(m 2 ·m −2 )/(MJ·m −2 )] is the increasing rate of LAI. Fig. 6. Relationship between leaf area index (LAI), partitioning index

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Xiaofeng Yang, Lianzhu Chen, Ming Cao, Xuebin Zhang, and Shaopeng Li

and B . LAI was described as Eq. [8] by curve fitting the data in Expt. 1. LAI = LA I 0 + LA I max × ( 1 − exp ( − rLAI × PT I sum / LA I max ) ) , [8] Fig. 5. Relationship between leaf area index (LAI), partitioning index of shoot (PISH