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Bruce D. Whitaker

Plastids and microsomal membranes were isolated from pericarp tissue of mature green and red-ripe tell pepper fruit harvested from greenhouse and field grown plants. The lipid composition of these membrane fractions changed far more with ripening of field grown than greenhouse grown fruit. Also, the phospholipid (PL), free sterol (FS), steryl glycoside (SG) and acylated steryl glycoside (ASG) content of microsomes and plastids from both green and red fruit were very different under the two growing conditions. Total steryl lipids (TSL = FS + SG + ASG), and the TSL/PL ratio, increased in microsomes and decreased in plastids with ripening. These changes were much greater in field grown fruit. The ASG/SG ratio decreased with ripening in both membrane fractions, under both growing conditions. Ripening and growth conditions affected the phospholipid and sterol composition in plastids much more than in microsomes. Lipid changes associated with the chloroplast – chromoplast transformation were similar in field and greenhouse grown fruit, including an increase in the galactolipid/PL ratio. Future studies will assess how differences in membrane lipid composition affect postharvest storage life of the fruit.

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Qi Zhang, Jack Fry, Channa Rajashekar, Dale Bremer, and Milton Engelke

galactolipid analysis. Phospholipid and galactolipid standards were purchased from Avanti Polar Lipids (Alabaster, AL) and Matreya (State College, PA), respectively, except di24:1-PE and di24:1-PG, which were prepared by transphosphatidylation of di24:1-PC

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Charles Fontanier, Justin Quetone Moss, Lakshmy Gopinath, Carla Goad, Kemin Su, and Yanqi Wu

Salisbury, 1973 ). The thylakoid membrane system is primarily composed of galactolipids: monogalactosyldiacylglycerol (MGDG) and digalactosyldiacylglycerol (DGDG) ( Douce and Joyard, 1990 ). In contrast, the plasma membrane primarily consists of

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David R. Rudell, Sara Serra, Nathanael Sullivan, James P. Mattheis, and Stefano Musacchi

closely related species. Galactolipids (MGDGs and DGDGs) are typically principal components of the thylakoid membrane ( Robinson and Mant, 2009 ). Plastiglobules that form during chromoplastogenesis, a process characterized by degreening, contain very

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Andrés Olivos, Scott Johnson, Qin Xiaoqiong, and Carlos H. Crisosto

as cold temperature storage, may trigger this situation. Plants can replace membrane phospholipids with galactolipids (non-phosphorous lipids) in response to P-limited conditions ( Tjellstrom et al., 2008 ). However, it is not clear how this

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Shirin Shahkoomahally and Asghar Ramezanian

inhibit the development of maleness Acta Hort. 682 1171 1178 Picchioni, G. Watada, A. Conway, W. Whitaker, B. Sams, C. 1995 Phospholipid, galactolipid, and steryl lipid composition of apple fruit cortical tissue following postharvest CaCl 2 infiltration

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Kemin Su, Dale J. Bremer, Richard Jeannotte, Ruth Welti, and Celeste Yang

of the Arabidopsis thermosensitive mutant atts02 reveals an important role for galactolipids in thermotolerance Plant Cell Environ. 29 1437 1448 Cullis, P.R. Dekruijff, B. 1979 Lipid polymorphism and the