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Yai Ulrich Adegbola and Héctor E. Pérez

, infrastructural, and labor constraints. This is significant since all stored seeds will eventually succumb during storage due to accumulated aging damage that cannot be resolved upon rehydration. Moreover, the level and rate of viability loss due to aging within a

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Guodong Liu, D. Marshall Porterfield, Yuncong Li, and Waldemar Klassen

, 1994 ). Seed vigor and bioavailable oxygen are closely associated. Particularly, aged or large seeds are especially prone to lack of oxygen bioavailability ( Geigenberger et al., 2000 ). However, the sufficiency of oxygen bioavailability is not easily

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Kazim Mavi and Ibrahim Demir

; TeKrony, 2003 ). The controlled deterioration (CD) ( Powell and Matthews, 2005 ) and accelerated aging (AA) ( Hampton and TeKrony, 1995 ) tests have been successfully used to rank and predict relative field emergence potential of seed lots in various

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Cody J. Stewart, S. Christopher Marble, Brian Jackson, Brian J. Pearson, P. Christopher Wilson, and Dwight K. Lauer

governmental regulations or guidelines for the processing, handling, and aging of pine bark substrates sold and used in the horticultural industry. Consequently, there can be variability in products between and even within operations. A study conducted by

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Jemma L. Hawkins, Kathryn J. Thirlaway, Karianne Backx, and Deborah A. Clayton

may be a particularly beneficial form of physical activity for promoting healthy aging. Recent studies by Park et al. (2008 , 2009) and Sommerfeld et al. (2010) have explored the physiological and psychological health of older adult gardeners

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Ibrahim Demir and Kazim Mavi

longevity of seed lots ( Powell and Matthews, 2005 ; TeKrony, 2003 ). Several such tests have been used to indicate emergence potential and longevity in crop seeds among which controlled deterioration (CD) and accelerated aging (AA) are widely used

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Qi Zhou and Juan Carlos Melgar

.g., hydraulic properties, water relations) compared with younger mature trees ( Domec and Gartner, 2002 ; England and Attiwill, 2006 ; Irvine et al., 2004 ). Tree age also affects nutrient storage and remobilization in forest trees ( Miller and Miller, 1987

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Bridget K. Behe, Patricia Huddleston, and Lynnell Sage

( Hodges et al., 2009 ) has included weaker product demand particularly among younger aged consumers ( Dennis and Behe, 2007 ). In light of industry concerns about this reduced demand ( Hodges et al., 2009 ) and, at the same time, changing American

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Yong In Kuk and Ji San Shin

exists in pea leaves, for which resistance to paraquat was correlated with leaf age, GR, and Cu/Zn SOD transcript levels ( Donahue et al., 1997 ). Consequently, it was hypothesized that there could also be differential tolerance to chilling stress between

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Fernando Ramírez, Thomas L. Davenport, Gerhard Fischer, and Julio Cesar Augusto Pinzón

-Elisea, 1997 ; Núñez-Elisea and Davenport, 1995 ). The age of the last flush of vegetative stems, thus, appears to be the primary factor regulating floral induction in warm climates. Bueno and Valmayor (1974) indicated that leaves must become brittle as