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Lan-Yen Chang and Jeffrey K. Brecht

that strawberry fruit must be at least 3/4 red ( USDA, 2006 ). Bruising occurs mainly during harvesting, packing, and transportation for horticultural crops ( Prussia and Shewfelt, 1993 ). When plant tissues are wounded, the physical and metabolic

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Todd C. Wehner, Rachel P. Naegele, and Penelope Perkins-Veazie

humans, the arginine precursor, citrulline, is converted into arginine via argininosuccinate synthase ( Collins et al., 2007 ). In watermelon, citrulline has not been associated with fruit phenotypic traits such as flesh color (red, orange, salmon yellow

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Xiuxiu Sun, Elizabeth Baldwin, Mark Ritenour, Anne Plotto, and Jinhe Bai

synthesis of the carotenoids β-citraurin (red) and cryptoxanthin (orange red) that can resulting in fruit with yellow, rather than orange peel ( Hall, 2013 ). After degreening, poorly colored fruit may be treated with an emulsion containing CR2 to improve

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Gregory M. Peck, Ian A. Merwin, Christopher B. Watkins, Kathryn W. Chapman, and Olga I. Padilla-Zakour

for this distinction. Red lighting and equally sized apple slices made it unlikely that panelists were able to visually identify the slice that was different. Additionally, panelists were instructed to identify the fruit that tasted different

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Irfan Ali Sabir, Xunju Liu, Songtao Jiu, Matthew Whiting, and Caixi Zhang

. Previous studies showed that GAs alone can improve fruit size and delay fruit maturation and exocarp coloration (Clayton et al., 2006; Cline and Trought, 2007; Kappel and MacDonald, 2002; Zhang and Whiting, 2011 , 2013), yet little research has

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Kenneth R. Summy and Christopher R. Little

” technology for the indoor glasshouse environment. In addition, because CIR images can be subdivided into three separate wavebands [green (500 to 600 nm), red (600 to 700 nm), and near-IR (NIR; 700 to 1100 nm)], the use of image enhancement techniques that

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Jia Tian, Yue Wen, Feng Zhang, Jingyi Sai, Yan Zhang, and Wensheng Li

little effect on the cell division rate and cell number difference ( Fig. 6A ). The content of IAA decreased during cell division and remained at a relatively low level. The result of correlation showed that IAA was negative related to fruit weight and

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Nana Millicent Duduzile Buthelezi, Tieho Paulus Mafeo, and Nhlanhla Mathaba

., 2012 ). Preharvest bagging is a phytosanitary practice used by farmers to protect fruit from the attacks of pests, such as fruit fly ( Anastrepha sp.), guava weevil ( Conotrachelus psidii ), and red mite ( Monalonium annulipes ), and also from rust

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Araceli M. Vera-Guzman, Maria T. Lafuente, Emmanuel Aispuro-Hernandez, Irasema Vargas-Arispuro, and Miguel A. Martinez-Tellez

‘Rio Red’ grapefruits held at 2 °C ( Fig. 5 ). At this concentration, the POs significantly reduced the incidence of the disorder till the end of the storage period. Fruit treated with 2.5 g·L −1 had no difference in CI. On the other hand, a very low

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Zienab F.R. Ahmed and Jiwan P. Palta

is now used for quality evaluation by the industry. Fruits are considered marketable as long as the peel color is mostly yellow with very little brown spots up to stage 6. Ripened banana fruit goes from marketable to unmarketable within 1–3 d. Thus