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Yi Zhang and Imed Dami

timing for ABA foliar application in ‘Chambourcin’ and to evaluate morphological and physiological changes that lead to increased freezing tolerance in response to foliar ABA application. Materials and Methods Plant materials, experimental design, and

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Zhimin Yang, Jingjin Yu, Emily Merewitz, and Bingru Huang

promote turfgrass growth under drought or salinity stress. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to evaluate differential responses of creeping bentgrass and kentucky bluegrass to foliar application of ABA or GB under drought or salinity stress and

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Stephanie E. Burnett, Donglin Zhang, Lois B. Stack, and Zhongqi He

second objective was to develop P fertilizer recommendations for fan flower that may be tested in commercial substrates to determine optimal rates for fan flower production. Third, we want to determine how foliar concentrations of essential nutrients are

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Sonali R. Padhye and Judith K. Groninger

published information available on the influence of BA or TE on the tillering of ornamental grasses. The objective of this study was to quantify the influence of foliar spray applications of BA, TE, or uniconazole on height control and tillering of

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Ramón A. Arancibia, Jeffrey L. Main, and Christopher A. Clark

suggested. Ethylene is produced in plants under stress/injury and a previous study has indicated that preharvest foliar applications of ethephon enhance the incidence of a similar disorder in North Carolina ( Dittmar et al., 2010 ). This suggests that

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Liming Chen, Heping Zhu, Leona Horst, Matthew Wallhead, Michael Reding, and Amy Fulcher

foliar products in fruit farms and ornamental nurseries ( Chen et al., 2012 ; Shen et al., 2017 ). The intelligent sprayer system uses a sensor to control pesticide application rate by adjusting the spray output of each nozzle based on the presence

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Steven J. McArtney, John D. Obermiller, and Consuelo Arellano

sensitivity of the abscission zone to ethylene, eventually leading to activation of the abscission zone ( Botton et al., 2011 ). Foliar application of photosynthetic inhibitors has been used to stimulate fruit abscission in fruit crops, although none are

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Steven T. Koike, Frank G. Zalom, and Kirk D. Larson

application dates as for Site 1; Table 1 ); 3) removal of all but the four youngest leaves; 4) lignin foliar spray applications [a combination of the products Reax 83A, Reax 80D, and Kraftsperse 25M (Westvaco Corp., Charleston Heights, SC), each at 458 g/378

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Mengzi Zhang, Jie Yang, Huitang Pan, and Brian J. Pearson

ingredient, application volume and concentration, time and method of application, crop species, and environmental conditions ( Runkle, 2015 , 2017 ). They can be applied by a substrate drench, a foliar spray, or a combination of both ( Barrett, 1999

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Steven F. Vaughn, Mark A. Berhow, and Brent Tisserat

course, it should be mentioned that the concentrations of 3-MPAN in vitro were continuous, whereas applications of foliar sprays were singular. Nevertheless, it was found that 3-MPAN tested in vitro caused a typical dosage–growth response relationship to