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John R. Stommel, Gordon J. Lightbourn, Brenda S. Winkel, and Robert J. Griesbach

. Hong, J.-S. MacFarlane, S. 2004 Patterning of virus-infected Glycine max seed coat is associated with suppression of endogenous silencing of chalcone synthase genes Plant Cell 16 807 818 10.1105/tpc.019885 Smith

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Phillip A. Wadl, Robert N. Trigiano, Dennis J. Werner, Margaret R. Pooler, and Timothy A. Rinehart

.). PCR protocols: A guide to methods and applications. Academic Press, San Diego, CA Zhang, D.X. 1994 Leaf venation of Cercideae (Leguminosae) J. Trop. Subtrop. Bot. 2 45 57 Zhang, D.X. 1999 Scanning electron microscopic study of seed coat patterns in

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James W. Borrone, Cecile T. Olano, David N. Kuhn, J. Steven Brown, Raymond J. Schnell, and Helen A. Violi

trees with a beehive does not guarantee exclusive formation of selfed progeny HortScience 38 7 1433 1434 Eggers, E.R. 1942 Effect of the removal of the seed coats on avocado seed germination California Avocado Soc

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Matthew B. Bertucci, Katherine M. Jennings, David W. Monks, Jonathan R. Schultheis, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Frank J. Louws, and David L. Jordan

greenhouse adjusted to 84 °F, and placed on heating pads set to 89 °F. Seeds of triploid watermelon were oriented with the radicle oriented upward to facilitate release of the seed coat ( Maynard, 1989 ). After seeds were sown, planting trays were placed on

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Beiquan Mou

-Elite —Breeder and vendor: Ben Fish and Son. Parentage: Selected from a single plant from the USDA breeding line C-171. Resistance: resistant to downy mildew race E. Characteristics: Mature seeds are medium-sized, flat, and have a light green cotyledon and seed

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Jinzhu Zhang, Yu Mo, Shuai Chen, Caihua Li, Qingxi Fang, Jie Dong, Zhongsheng Mou, Zheyu Zhang, Daidi Che, and Qingshan Chen

, B. Zhou, Y.H. Zhang, J.S. Chen, S.Y. 2013 The transcription factor AtDof4.2 regulates shoot branching and seed coat formation in Arabidopsis Biochem. J. 449 373 388 Zou, Z. Zhang, X. 2019

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Subhankar Mandal and Christopher S. Cramer

. Other attempts to inoculate intact basal plates with FOC-infected oat seeds coated with Arabic gum or molasses and polyacrylamide gel containing a spore suspension also resulted in insignificant or no disease development (data not presented). Failure to

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Jonathan D. Mahoney and Mark H. Brand

again surface sterilized in 1% (v/v) sodium hypochlorite for 30 min and rinsed three times in sterile distilled water. Seed coats were aseptically removed in a laminar flow hood with the use of a stereomicroscope. Seeds with their seedcoats removed were

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Huan Hu, Nan Chai, Haoxiang Zhu, Rui Li, Renwei Huang, Xia Wang, Daofeng Liu, Mingyang Li, Xingrong Song, and Shunzhao Sui

-010-9524-3 10.1016/j.scienta.2015.07.030 Muthukumaran, P. Sathishkumar, T. Alamelumangai, M. Dhanalakshmi, J. Mathumitha, M. Renganayaki, R.S. 2018 Extraction and antioxidant activity of flavonoids from seed coat of Borassus flabellifer Linn using orthogonal

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Renee T. Threlfall, Olivia S. Hines, John R. Clark, Luke R. Howard, Cindi R. Brownmiller, Daniela M. Segantini, and Lydia J.R. Lawless

Agricultural Statistics Service, Blackberry Statistics. 4 Feb. 2016. < > Wada, S. Reed, B.M. 2010 Seed coat morphology differentiates blackberry cultivars J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 64 152 161 Wada, S