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Jin-wei Zhang, Yi-xue Liu, Jin-ping Yu, Wei Zhang, Ya-qiong Xie and Ning-ning Ge

.A. Sousek, M.D. Kruger, G.R. 2016 Efficacy of pre and post emergence herbicides on weed suppression in established turfgrass with a conventional and an ultra-low volume sprayer Crop Protection 89 72 77 Franssen, A.S. Kells, J.J. 2007 Common dandelion

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S. Christopher Marble, Shawn T. Steed, Debalina Saha and Yuvraj Khamare

physical characteristics, that is, their ability to block light, dry quickly, and decompose slowly, contribute more toward weed suppression than the type of mulch being used ( Case et al., 2005 ; Chalker-Scott, 2007 ; Marble et al., 2015 ). In addition to

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Andre Luiz Biscaia Ribeiro da Silva, Joara Secchi Candian, Elizanilda Ramalho do Rego, Timothy Coolong and Bhabesh Dutta

within a bed were separated by a 5-ft buffer. After formation of plant beds, 0.5 lb/acre oxyfluorfen (Goal 2XL; Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN) was applied 3 d before transplanting for weed suppression in both growing seasons. After transplant

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S. Alan Walters

., London, UK Rapp, H.S. Bellinder, R.R. Wien, H.C. Vermeylen, F.M. 2004 Reduced tillage, rye residues, and herbicides influence weed suppression and yield of pumpkins Weed Technol. 18 953 961 Sanders, D.C. 2006 Southeastern U.S. 2006 Vegetable Crop Handbook

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Eric Simonne, Chad Hutchinson, Jim DeValerio, Robert Hochmuth, Danielle Treadwell, Allan Wright, Bielinski Santos, Alicia Whidden, Gene McAvoy, Xin Zhao, Teresa Olczyk, Aparna Gazula and Monica Ozores-Hampton

to evaluate weed suppression by cover crops in organic citrus orchards HortScience 43 27 34 Macaigne, P. Parent, L.E. Anctil, F. 2008 Single-hole soil sampling for nitrogen in the potato hill Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 39 1486 1492 Migliaccio, K

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Kate A. Ivancic, Matthew D. Ruark, Francisco J. Arriaga and Erin M. Silva

Fakhari, R. Khanzade, H. Mammadova, R. Tobeh, A. Moharramnezhad, S. 2015 Effects of interseeding cover crops and split nitrogen application on weed suppression in forage maize Albanian J. Agr. Sci. 14 278 285 Gan, Y. Mooleki, S.P. Lemke, R.L. Zentner, R

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Matthew D. Stevens, Brent L. Black, John D. Lea-Cox, Ali M. Sadeghi, Jennifer Harman-Fetcho, Emy Pfeil, Peter Downey, Randy Rowland and Cathleen J. Hapeman

or mat. On 12 May 2002, dormant bare-root ‘Allstar’ strawberry plants were hand-planted through the residue layer. This residue layer provided some weed suppression during strawberry establishment with the remaining weeds controlled by hand weeding

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Eugene J. Hogue, John A. Cline, Gerry Neilsen and Denise Neilsen

.E. 1949 Further studies of the effectiveness of organic mulches in correcting potassium deficiency of peach trees on a sandy soil Proc. American Society for Horticultural Science 53 21 22 Barnes, J.P. Putnam, A.R. 1983 Rye residues contribute weed

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Sarah A. Masterson, Megan M. Kennelly, Rhonda R. Janke and Cary L. Rivard

four rows. Water was applied through drip irrigation, and straw mulch was applied for weed suppression. All treatments were transplanted into the field on 20 Apr. Fruit were harvested at the red-ripe stage. Harvesting occurred on 2, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20

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Jessica R. Goldberger, Lisa W. DeVetter and Katherine E. Dentzman

weed suppression ( Andrade et al., 2014 ), soil moisture retention ( Costa et al., 2014 ), fruit quality ( Bilck et al., 2010 ), crop yield ( DeVetter et al., 2017 ), and material functionality from planting to harvesting ( Kapanen et al., 2008