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J. Roger Harris, Alex Niemiera, Jody Fanelli, and Robert Wright

Two experiments tested the effects of root pruning on growth during first-season production of pin oak (Quercus palustris Muenchh.). Experiment one tested the effect of root pruning developing radicles at 5, 10, or 15 cm (2, 4, or 6 inches) below the substrate surface. After 11 weeks, total root length was not affected by root pruning, but root-pruned seedlings had more main lateral [>2-mm (0.08-inch) diameter] roots than those that were not root pruned. Shallow pruning increased the number of main lateral roots. Experiment two tested the effect of initially producing plants in different-depth bottomless containers [5, 10, 15, or 20-cm (2, 4, 6, or 8-inch) depth] on growth after transplanting to #2 [6 L (1.6 gal)] containers. Shoot and root growth in #2 containers were lowest when plants were originally produced in 5-cm-deep containers. Plants with the greatest height and highest root:shoot ratios were obtained when plants were grown initially in 10-cm-deep containers. Predicted optimum depth of bottomless containers from regression equations ranged from 11.3 cm (4.5 inches) to 14.2 cm (5.5 inches) for the different growth parameters measured. The importance of these findings are: Pruning developing radicles of pin oak seedlings increases the number of main lateral roots but not overall root length. Growers can maximize growth in #2 containers by initially growing in 10-cm-deep bottomless containers before transplanting to #2 containers.

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Na Liu, Baoli Zhou, Xin Zhao, Bo Lu, Yixiu Li, and Jing Hao

may be resolved by the use of selected tomato rootstocks. Among other mechanisms for resistance of grafted eggplants to V. dahliae , the allelopathic suppression exhibited by the root exudates from the grafted eggplants has been suggested to play a

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Daniel Leskovar and Yahia Othman

root and shoot growth and significantly reduce marketable yield ( Leskovar and Xu, 2013 ). Therefore, effective nutrition and irrigation management strategies must be used during artichoke growth and development in the nursery period. Containerized

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Arthur Villordon, Don LaBonte, Nurit Firon, and Edward Carey

Root system architecture has been referred to as an integrative result of LR initiation, morphogenesis, emergence, and growth ( Dubrovsky and Forde, 2012 ). LRs contribute to water use efficiency and facilitate the extraction of micro- and

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Junyang Song

Lilies ( Lilium sp.), a world-famous flowering plant belonging to the Liliaceae Lilium , have a very high ornamental value and occupy an important position in the international flower industry ( Suh et al., 2013 ). The root system serves as a

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Charalambos I. Siminis and Manolis N. Stavrakakis

reduction (FCR) activity in roots in strategy I plant species in conjunction or not with other adaptive responses such as rhizosphere acidification and changes in root hair and transfer cell development ( Schmidt, 1999 ). Nevertheless, in some annual and

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Rachel P. Naegele and Mary K. Hausbeck

., 2012b ; Parada-Rojas and Quesada-Ocampo, 2019 ). Host resistance to diverse isolates of P. capsici is an important management tactic and a focus for pepper ( Capsicum annuum ) breeding programs globally. In pepper, the pathogen can cause root rot

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Yong Yang, Xueyong Liu, Yuanli Jiang, Zuoxiang Xiang, Qingguo Xu, Na Zhao, and Bichao Shu

Tester, 2008 ; Takahashi et al., 2001 ; Zhu, 2001 ). Usually, plant root systems are the first organs to experience and respond to high salinity stimuli. To survive in saline conditions, plant roots have evolved numerous physiological and metabolic

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Kevin J. McInnes and James C. Thomas

Chronic dry spots often occur on the upper reaches of slopes on golf putting greens constructed with sand-based root zones, in part because water is quickly wicked downslope through the root zone after irrigation or rainfall. Lower water contents in

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Ting Min, Li-Fang Niu, Jun Xie, Yang Yi, Li-mei Wang, You-wei Ai, and Hong-xun Wang

, the short shelf-lives and decline in the postprocessing of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables limit their production for retail. Lotus ( Nelumbo nucifera ) root is an important aquatic vegetable in China. Fresh-cut lotus root is a popular vegetable, but