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Bert M. Cregg and Robert Schutzki

. 2008 Comparison of weed suppression and mandarin fruit yield and quality obtained with organic mulches, synthetic mulches, cultivation, and glyphosate HortScience 43 795 799 Allen, R.G. Pereira, L.S. Raes, D

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Kenneth Cropper, Gregg Munshaw and Michael Barrett

.E. Xiong, X. 2010 Evaluation of oriental mustard ( Brassica juncea ) seed meal for weed suppression in turf Weed Technol. 24 440 445 Environmental Protection Agency 2016 Monosodium methanearsonate (MSMA), an organic aresenical. 16 Mar. 2016. < https

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John Wilhoit and Timothy Coolong

The practice of applying mulches for the production of vegetables dates back thousands of years ( Coolong, 2012 ; Rowe-Dutton, 1957 ). A primary purpose for using mulches is for weed suppression in the crop to be grown. Mulches typically function

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Christian A. Wyenandt, Landon H. Rhodes, Richard M. Riedel and Mark A. Bennett

. Bennett, M.A. Wood, R.K. Stinner, B.R. Cardina, J. 1995 A method for mechanically killing cover crops to optimize weed suppression Amer. J. Altern. Agr. 10 157 162 Ellis, M.A. Wilcox, W

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Matthew A. Cutulle, H. Tyler Campbell, Monica Farfan and Phillip A. Wadl

-metolachlor until 10 d after transplanting can reduce some of the injury ( Meyers et al., 2012 ). Optimizing application timing of S -metolachlor, as well as identification of cultivars that are tolerant to the effects of S -metolachlor, are critical to weed

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Zheng Wang, Mark Williams, Krista Jacobsen and Timothy Coolong

status, between-row mulches may provide weed suppression ( Kong et al., 2009 ) and act as a source of organic matter and fertility, particularly in organic systems ( Hoyt, 1992 ). On-farm observations by the authors have suggested that strip tillage has

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Steven A. Fennimore, Frank N. Martin, Thomas C. Miller, Janet C. Broome, Nathan Dorn and Ian Greene

foam insulation, water supply hose, and tractor to draw the single-bed prototype applicator. (Right) Same bed showing weed suppression after 27 d. Soils included three series and four sites, so each soil–site combination was unique. In 2011, two trials

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Jeremy S. Cowan, Arnold M. Saxton, Hang Liu, Karen K. Leonas, Debra Inglis and Carol A. Miles

renewable, natural, or sustainable feedstocks ( Hayes et al., 2012 ; Miles et al., 2009 ). They provide the benefits of PE mulch, such as weed suppression and improved crop yields, and are purported to completely degrade between crop seasons ( Cowan et al

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Dan TerAvest, Jeffrey L. Smith, Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, David Granatstein, Lori Hoagland and John P. Reganold

central components of the quality of agricultural soils: An overview Adv. Agron. 85 221 268 Hoagland, L. 2007 Impact of soil biology on nitrogen cycling and weed suppression under newly established organic orchard floor management systems PhD diss. Wash

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Vincent M. Russo

. Warncke, D.D. 2008 Nutrient cycling, weed suppression, and onion yield following Brassica and Sorghum sudangrass cover crops HortTechnology 8 68 74