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Carolina A. Torres, Omar Hernandez, Maria A. Moya-León, Ivan Razmilic, and David R. Rudell

’ apples ( Malus domestica Borkh.) Postharvest Biol. Technol. 87 79 87 Jimenez, M. Garcia-Carmona, F. 1999 Oxidation of the flavonol quercetin by polyphenol oxidase J. Agr. Food Chem. 47 56 60 Kupferman, E. 1994 Maturity and storage of Gala, Fuji, and

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Rongcai Yuan and Jianguo Li

‘Delicious’ is one of the most important apple ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) cultivars grown in the United States. Excessive preharvest apple fruit drop, which occurs before fruit develop optimum red color, maturity, or size, is one of its faults

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Moritz Knoche, Bishnu P. Khanal, and Matej Stopar

Ultrastructure of epicuticular wax aggregates during fruit development in apple ( Malus domestica Borkh.) J. Hort. Sci. Biotechnol. 80 668 676 Curry, E.A. 2008 Effects of 1-MCP applied postharvest on epicuticular wax of apples ( Malus domestica Borkh.) during

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Mokhles A. Elsysy, Michael V. Mickelbart, and Peter M. Hirst

, A.J. 1917 Factors influencing the abscission of flowers and partially developed fruits of the apple ( Pyrus malus L.). PhD thesis. Cornell Univ. Agr. Expt. Sta. Bul. 393 Hirst, P.M. 2017 Advances in understanding flowering and pollination in apple

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Harpartap S. Mann, Jennifer J. Alton, SooHee Kim, and Cindy B.S. Tong

induces differential softening responses in apple cultivars Postharvest Biol. Technol. 23 185 196 Johnston, J.W. Hewett, E.W. Hertog, M.L.A.T.M. 2002 Postharvest softening of apple ( Malus domestica ) fruit

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Cindy B.S. Tong, Hsueh-Yuan Chang, James J. Luby, David Bedford, Benham E.L. Lockhart, Roy G. Kiambi, and Dimitre Mollov

Apple ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) fruit are susceptible to a variety of postharvest disorders ( Meheriuk et al., 1994 ; Plagge et al., 1935 ) that may or may not be present at harvest but are typically manifested after several months of cold

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Travis R. Alexander, Thomas S. Collins, and Carol A. Miles

of the polyphenolic composition of cider apple ( Malus domestica ) fruits and juices J. Agr. Food Chem. 51 6240 6247 Harbertson, J.F. Picciotto, E.A. Adams, D.O. 2003 Measurement of polymeric pigments in grape berry extracts and wines using a protein

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Hassan Hajnajari, Bahaeddin Chashnidel, Kourosh Vahdati, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Alireza Nabipour, and Esmaeil Fallahi

.) 91 91 104 Decourtye, L. 1967 Etude de quelques caracteres a controle genetique simple chez le pommier (Malus sp.) et le poirier (Pyrus communis) Annales de l'Amelioration des Plantes 17 243 265 Decourtye, L. Lantin, B. 1969 Contribution a la

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Leli Li, Shutian Tao, Huangwei Zhang, Weijian Huang, Jim M. Dunwell, and Meng Li

resist plant pathogenic fungi and thereby help avoid any decrease in fruit quality. For example, gray mold caused by Botrytis cinerea is a common fungal disease in postharvest apple [ Malus domestica ( Tang et al., 2012 ; Yuan et al., 2014 )]. When an

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Taku Shimizu, Kazuma Okada, Shigeki Moriya, Sadao Komori, and Kazuyuki Abe

vegetables, including apple ( Malus × domestica ), causes their surfaces to turn a brownish color ( Pristijono et al., 2006 ). These color changes (hereinafter referred to as “browning”) are caused by phenolic oxidation reactions catalyzed by polyphenol