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S. Alan Walters and Elizabeth A. Wahle

and digging) as well as German immigrant settlement patterns ( Bratsch, 2006 ). Two other major horseradish production areas in the United States are Eau Claire, WI, and Tule Lake, CA ( Rhodes, 1977 ), with smaller acreages in New Jersey and Oregon (C

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Jaroslav Ďurkovič, Ingrid Čaňová, Lucia Javoříková, Monika Kardošová, Rastislav Lagaňa, Tibor Priwitzer, Roman Longauer, and Jana Krajňáková

surface). Relative chlorophyll content was estimated with a portable chlorophyll meter (CL-01; Hansatech Instruments) and the results were expressed as the chlorophyll index (CHLI) ( Cassol et al., 2008 ). Measurements were performed on seven sun leaves

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Julie M. Tarara, Paul E. Blom, Bahman Shafii, William J. Price, and Mercy A. Olmstead

onsite ( ). Temperature accumulation was initiated on 1 Jan. using a 10 °C lower threshold and no upper threshold. We departed from the local convention of initiating DD accumulation on 1 Apr. to standardize the temperature index

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Benard Yada, Gina Brown-Guedira, Agnes Alajo, Gorrettie N. Ssemakula, Robert O.M. Mwanga, and G. Craig Yencho

genetic diversity and heterosis for storage root yield, dry matter, starch and β-carotene content as the parents were from diverse gene pools. The objectives of the study were to assess the level of polymorphism of the SSR markers and assess the genetic

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Ibrahim I. Tahir, Eva Johansson, and Marie E. Olsson

. Fruit quality. Optimum harvesting date was determined by estimating starch score three times a week during the maturation period. Fruit firmness was estimated with a penetrometer (model FT 327; Effigy, Milan, Italy; plunger diameter 11.1 mm) on

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Mason T. MacDonald, Rajasekaran R. Lada, A. Robin Robinson, and Jeff Hoyle

calculate actual leaf area. All LCA4 data were then adjusted to actual leaf area to determine actual Pn, Tl, g s , and WUE. Membrane injury index (MII) was determined by removing fully expanded leaves and submerging them in 50-mL tubes containing 30 mL

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Julio Solis, Arthur Villordon, Niranjan Baisakh, Don LaBonte, and Nurit Firon

1 June). In each year, natural rainfall deficits during May and June created conditions where soil moisture in the root zone was near the wilting point for the soil type used in the studies. The rainfall pattern during the time of experiments in 2010

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Dilip R. Panthee, Jonathan P. Kressin, and Ann Piotrowski

, over and above heat stress effects on the female reproductive parts ( Peet et al., 1998 ). Heat tolerance in tomato has also been linked to greater leaf pigment, retention of normal stomata (pore size and shape), chloroplasts (shape, lack of starch

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Zhipei Feng, Xitian Yang, Hongyan Liang, Yuhua Kong, Dafeng Hui, Jiabao Zhao, Erhui Guo, and Beibei Fan

relatively well-grown root system that increases survival of P. orientalis seedlings compared with NP seedlings ( Yang et al., 2010 ; 2011 ). Although we have also reported on considerably different biomass allocation patterns of AP and NP P. orientalis

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Steven J. McKay, James M. Bradeen, and James J. Luby

starting in August. To harvest fruit at similar stages of maturity, the starch–iodine test ( Blanpied and Silsby, 1992 ) was selected as an easily performed and replicable proxy assessment of maturity rather than as an explicit measure of edibility