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Filippo Sgroi, Fabrizio Piraino, and Enrica Donia

almost always tied to the need to respond to changes in consumer lifestyles which are now oriented toward achieving a fundamental and indispensable optimization of time, even at the expense of their own frugality; not by chance, in fact, the price of a

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Zhengnan Yan, Long Wang, Jiaxi Dai, Yufeng Liu, Duo Lin, and Yanjie Yang

conducive to optimize the light environment management in vegetable seedling production. Various combinations of PPFD and photoperiod had different impacts on growth of lettuce ( Kelly et al., 2020 ; Mao et al., 2019 ; Palmer and van Iersel, 2020 ) and

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Xiao-Juan Wei, Jinlin Ma, Kai-Xiang Li, Xiao-Jing Liang, and Haiying Liang

occurrence of precociously flowering Eucalyptus trees over that of either treatment applied alone ( Williams et al., 2003 ). Here, we report for the first time that application of optimized PBZ and urea doses can be a potential strategy to achieve early

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Shinsuke Agehara and Daniel I. Leskovar

chlorosis and abscission ( Agehara and Leskovar, 2012 ; Kim and van Iersel, 2011 ; Waterland et al., 2010 ). Therefore, the overall growth modification must be considered to further optimize ABA application methods for height control. Seedless (triploid

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Alexander Miller, Petrus Langenhoven, and Krishna Nemali

light composition is optimized (i.e., a higher proportion of red and a lower proportion of blue in the total light) and when roots are supplied with heated solution under suboptimal air temperature conditions. Supplying heated solution alone without

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N. Tremblay and C. Bélec

34 WORKSHOP 2 (Abstr. 672-673) Nutrient Balances in Horticultural Ecosystems: Optimizing Fertilization and Maximizing Environmental Protection Monday, 24 July, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

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Khalid M. Elhindi, Yaser Hassan Dewir, Abdul-Wasea Asrar, Eslam Abdel-Salam, Ahmed Sharaf El-Din, and Mohamed Ali

germination. IAA was better than IBA and NAA for seed germination. PGRs treatments increased total protein and phosphorus in germinated seedlings. The present study has established a successful methodology for overcoming seed dormancy and optimizing seed

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Marja Rantanen and Pauliina Palonen

Ample’ at later stages of endodormancy. Hot water treatment is a promising method for breaking endodormancy in raspberries, but application time and duration of the treatment need to be carefully optimized to preserve maximum yield potential

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Michael Kantar, Kevin Betts, Brent S. Hulke, Robert M. Stupar, and Donald Wyse

significant with P = 0.17 and P = 0.15 for cold and hormone treatments, respectively. Discussion The goal of this project was to determine the fastest method for breaking dormancy in H. tuberosus tubers. Ideally, an optimized method would allow

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Brian Ward, Powell Smith, Susan James, Zachary Stansell, and Mark Farnham

hybrids as a method to optimize marketable yield. South Carolina broccoli production exemplifies production in many eastern states in that growers plant up to ≈50,000 plants/ha and yield up to ≈10,000 kg·ha −1 or more ( Atallah and Gomez, 2013 ). On the