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Yongxia Zhang, Qingquan Liu, Yinjie Wang, Yongheng Yang, Ting Zhang, Haiying Tong, Wenjie An, Suzhen Huang, and Haiyan Yuan

China. To extend the flowering period, we released three new I. germanica cultivars, Autumnal Moon, Purple Canary, and Butter Baby, in 2019 that were characterized by attractive flowers and blooming in the early March. They belong to the Standard Dwarf

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Stephen J. Stringer, Donna A. Shaw, Blair J. Sampson, Hamidou F. Sakhanoko, Ebrahiem Babiker, John J. Adamczyk Jr., Mark K. Ehlenfeldt, and Arlen D. Draper

berry splitting tendencies were acquired from 2010 to 2016. The blooming and ripening period of ‘Gumbo’ was similar to ‘Santa Fe’, but was 1 week and 2 weeks later than ‘Star’ and ‘Jewel’, respectively, and 10–14 d earlier than ‘Pearl’ ( Table 1

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Stephen J. Stringer, Arlen D. Draper, Donna A. Marshall, and James M. Spiers

having open corolla. Blooming of ‘Gupton’ flowers was consistently later than ‘Star’ or ‘O'Neal’ and was sufficiently late to avoid injury from most late spring frosts occurring during the evaluation period. Date of 50% ripening was determined by biweekly

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Yuxin Chen, Zishuo Zhang, Kexin Wang, Lijin Ou, and Yan Ao

be a tree or shrub, depending on the site conditions. Most trees are tall arbors with a round or spreading crown. Yellow-horn is characterized by a long period of blooming and a high number of flowers. The seed oil is highly valuable for cooking, and

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Kathy Zuzek, David Zlesak, Vance Whitaker, Steve McNamara, and Stan C. Hokanson

blooming, black spot–resistant landscape rose cultivars available for use in northern continental landscapes ( Zuzek and Hokanson, 2007 ). Below we describe four polyantha rose cultivars developed by the Woody Landscape Plant Breeding and Genetics Project

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Jing-jing Zhao, Xun Chen, Li-juan Fan, and Ling Wang

is blue violet (RHS N88A) and white (RHS NN155C), respectively. The top of outer perianths presents light violet and drooped during blooming, with brown veining on yellow background at the base; inner perianths are light violet and stand upward during

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Alberto Sánchez-Estrada and Julián Cuevas

.7%, respectively, in 2017. Hand CP started at the beginning of bloom and was repeated every other day, twice more. Cross-pollinated flowers remained bagged before and after hand pollinations and until blooming ceased. Fruit set, fruit weight and self

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Aerdake Kuwantai, Yu-jia Liu, Zong-zhe Wan, Hong-yan Liu, and Ling Wang

ditch. The top of outer perianths are spoon-typed and open horizontally when blooming, comparing with the drooped outer perianths in two parents. The base of three inner perianths of ‘Forest Fairy’ has same color strips and shape, and the top of inner

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Ebrahiem Babiker, Stephen J. Stringer, Hamidou F. Sakhanokho, John J. Adamczyk Jr., and Arlen D. Draper

at bloom time. Table 1. Two-year average for number of days to reach 50% blooming and 50% ripening, berry weight, berry size, firmness, soluble solids content (SSC), pH, and titratable acidity (TA) for three cultivars tested at Stone County and McNeil

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Shengrui Yao

cluster is a cyme with 2 to 13 flowers ( Liu, 2006 ; Yao, 2012 ). In China, jujubes have day blooming type and night blooming type ( Qu et al., 1989 ). In the United States, they are morning type and afternoon type ( Lyrene, 1983 ; Yao et al., 2015a