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Carlee Steppe, Sandra B. Wilson, Zhanao Deng, Keri Druffel, and Gary W. Knox

ability to produce fruit. The Australian weedy variety was described as having purple flowers with white throats, and the ornamental nonweedy variety (cultivated garden form) was described as having either lilac petals with white to yellow throats, or

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Mohammed Elsayed El-Mahrouk, Mossad K. Maamoun, Antar Nasr EL-Banna, Soliman A. Omran, Yaser Hassan Dewir, and Salah El-Hendawy

is the production of pure lines [doubled-haploid (DH) plants] by chromosome diploidization of haploids, which have many useful advantages such as direct generation of new cultivars in self-pollinated crops, produce high-yielding hybrids among pure

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Martin P.N. Gent and Richard J. McAvoy

and flow floors. Crops of potted plants were grown on flooded floors. A (9 × 18 m) single-truss greenhouse covered with a double layer of polyethylene film covered two separate but similar flooded floors. Each floor was 5.5 × 6.7 m in area with a

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Juan O. Quijia Pillajo, Laura J. Chapin, and Michelle L. Jones

Autophagy is a nutrient recycling process. During autophagy, double membrane structures (autophagosomes) capture, transport, and deliver cytosolic contents to the vacuoles for degradation ( Liu and Bassham, 2012 ). Autophagosome development is

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Manjul Dutt, Daniel Stanton, and Jude W. Grosser

/ Not I cloning site that lay between a double enhanced CaMV 35S promoter (D35S) and a CaMV 35S terminator (35S-3′). The promoter-gene cassette was inserted into a plant transformation vector containing the npt II selectable marker gene. The resulting

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Stefan B. Lura and Alan T. Whittemore

the main stems and side shoots, either in groups of three or singly; they are shallowly cup shaped, ≈7 cm in diameter, with five petals deep golden yellow in color, each petal obovate with a slightly crinkled margin, lacking glands; each stamen

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Carrie H. Wohleb and Timothy D. Waters

% white cultivars ( Pelter and Sorensen, 2003 ). Almost 70% of the onions grown in Washington are intended for the fresh market (domestic and export), with the remainder used for processing (precut rings, slabs, slices, petal cuts, dices, etc.) ( USDA

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Xuan (Jade) Wu, Melinda J. Knuth, Charles R. Hall, and Marco A. Palma

investigate consumer willingness to pay (maximum price a consumer is willing to spend on a product) for species of flowers in an online survey (Qualtrics, Provo, UT) study conducted in 2019. The floral arrangement used double lisianthus as expensive species

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Nichole F. Edelman and Michelle L. Jones

for evaluation ( Table 1 ). Plants included wild species and cultivated varieties. Zinnia marylandica ‘Double Zahara Fire’ (not a member of the family Solanaceae) was included as a negative control, because this plant was known to have little to no

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Rui Wang, Yuqing Gui, Tiejun Zhao, Masahisa Ishii, Masatake Eguchi, Hui Xu, Tianlai Li, and Yasunaga Iwasaki

Flower initiation is an important transition from vegetative growth to reproductive growth and is also a determinate stage in plant yield formation ( Blackman, 2017 ). From the first stage of petal growth to the full flower opening, large amounts of