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Carlos De la Cuadra, Alexis K. Vidal, Patricia Peñaloza, Leví Mansur, and Carlos Huenchuleo

should also remain viable in dry storage for more than 1 year. Based on the previous text, the objective of the present study is to determine the optimum temperature for germination, while also assessing the effect of storage time on the seed viability of

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Elizabeth Mitcham, Claire Adkison, Nico Lingga, and Veronique Bikoba

increased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ( Lavedrine et al., 1999 ). The polyunsaturated fatty acids that make English walnuts an attractive health choice also make them prone to oxidation in storage, leading to the development of off-flavors and

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Priyanka Sharad Mahangade, Indra Mani, Randolph Beaudry, Norbert Müller, and Sangeeta Chopra

Smallholder farmers in developing countries do not have easy access to cold storage for several reasons. Cold storages with good control of temperature and humidity are energy intensive and expensive, involve a large initial capital investment, and

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Jonathan Tong, Cyril Rakovski, and Anuradha Prakash

-Bachir, 1998 ). These studies show that for both fruit, blueberries and grapes, irradiation at 400 Gy has little impact on quality under ideal storage temperatures. What is unknown is the effect of subsequent distribution and retail display under ambient

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Elena de Castro, William V. Biasi, and Elizabeth J. Mitcham

appealing appearance, good sensory quality, and performed as well as other late-harvested varieties during storage in Australia ( Corrigan et al., 1997 ). It was introduced into central California in the 1990s, where there has been some difficulty growing a

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Arthur Villordon, Jeffrey C. Gregorie, and Don LaBonte

) first suggested the link between lateral root (LR) development and storage root formation. Growing conditions during the transition from primary to secondary growth directly influence the onset of storage root formation, which is marked by the appearance

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Rachel S. Leisso, Ines Hanrahan, James P. Mattheis, and David R. Rudell

be reduced by conditioning apples at a higher temperature before longer term CA or cold storage. CA management is an important tool for increasing fruit longevity in storage, but the prevalence of physiological disorders perceived as internal CO 2

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Douglas J. Jardine, David R. Dilley, and Hugh C. Price


Celery (Apium graveolens L.) plants initiate seed stalks (bolt) after extended exposure to temperatures of less than 10°C. Hypobaric (low pressure) storage for up to 6 weeks of celery (‘Utah 52-70’) transplants at 0° delayed floral initiation. Plants stored for 2 weeks at 0° at 25 mm Hg or at atmospheric pressure showed no significant differences in bolting or yield compared to nonstored controls after transplanting to the field. Bolting and decreased yields became prevalent as the storage duration was increased to 4 and 6 weeks, particularly in air at atmospheric pressure. Measurement of the internal flower stalk length of marketable celery plants indicated that development was slower for plants which had been stored under hypobaric conditions prior to planting in the field than in those stored at atmospheric pressure.

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Scott B. Lukas, Joseph DeFrank, and Orville C. Baldos

, emersion in boiling water and exposing seeds to low RH conditions ( Baskin et al., 2004 ). Baskin suggests that storage can be used as a dormancy-breaking treatment, but it can also play a fundamental role in optimizing seed longevity. To maximize the

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Fekadu Gurmu, Shimelis Hussein, and Mark Laing

among the five most important food crops in more than 50 of those countries ( Andrade et al., 2009 ). It is one of the most widely grown storage root crops in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Sweetpotato is one of the food security crops in Ethiopia grown by