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Candace N. DeLong, Keith S. Yoder, Leon Combs, Richard E. Veilleux, and Gregory M. Peck

self-fertile cultivars ( Dennis, 2003 ). Various Malus species, colloquially referred to as crabapples, are preferred pollinizers in commercial orchards due to their long bloom periods, disease resistance, and abundant pollen production ( Fitzgerald

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Lidia Lozano, Ignasi Iglesias, Diego Micheletti, Michela Troggio, Satish Kumar, Richard K. Volz, Andrew C. Allan, David Chagné, and Susan E. Gardiner

blight resistance in Malus ‘Robusta 5’ accessions BMC Genet. 13 25 Gaut, B.S. 2003 The lowdown on linkage disequilibrium Plant Cell 15 1502 1506 Hyten, D.L. Song, Q. Choi, I.Y. Yoon, M.S. Specht, J.E. Matukumalli, L.K. Nelson, R.L. Shoemaker, R.C. Young

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Chenping Zhou, Ruiting Chen, Yaqiang Sun, He Wang, Yi Wang, Ting Wu, Xinzhong Zhang, Xuefeng Xu, and Zhenhai Han

wounding in apple trees. Literature Cited Abe, K. Kotoda, N. Kato, H. Soejima, J. 2007 Resistance sources to Valsa canker ( Valsa ceratosperma ) in a germplasm collection of diverse Malus species Plant Breeding 126 449 453 Agusti, M. Andreu, I. Juan, M

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Suxiao Hao, Yanfen Lu, Jing Liu, Yufen Bu, Qi Chen, Nan Ma, Zhiqin Zhou, and Yuncong Yao

plant architecture and dwarfism characteristics in ‘SH6’ dwarf apple rootstocks and promote its application value in orchards. Materials and Methods Plant materials and growth conditions. ‘SH6’, the hybrid offspring of Malus domestica cv. Ralls Janet

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Yan Li, Peter M. Hirst, Yizhen Wan, Yingjiao Liu, Qian Zhou, Hua Gao, Yunzhong Guo, Zhengyang Zhao, Leicun Wang, and Mingyu Han

programs. Literature Cited Abe, K. Iwanami, H. Kotoda, N. Moriya, S. Takahashi, S. 2010 Evaluation of apple genotypes and Malus species for resistance to Alternaria blotch caused by Alternaria alternata apple pathotype using detached-leaf method Plant

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Liming Chen, Heping Zhu, Leona Horst, Matthew Wallhead, Michael Reding, and Amy Fulcher

sprayer. Fessler et al. (2020) also reported that spray volume could be reduced between 59% and 83% after an air-assisted trailer sprayer was retrofitted with the laser-guided variable-rate control system in a commercial 8-year old Malus domestica

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Gennaro Fazio, Yizhen Wan, Dariusz Kviklys, Leticia Romero, Richard Adams, David Strickland, and Terence Robinson

Malus × domestica cluster when molecular markers were used to ascertain their relationships. Some (including M.8 and M.9) formed a tight cluster, suggesting close familial relationships ( Fazio et al., 2011 ; Oraguzie et al., 2005 ). Some have

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Nicole L. Russo, Terence L. Robinson, Gennaro Fazio, and Herb S. Aldwinckle

Internal movement of Erwinia amylovora through symptomless apple scion tissues into the rootstock Plant Dis. 82 646 650 Norelli, J.L. Aldwinckle, H.S. 1986 Differential susceptibility of Malus spp. cultivars

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Ying Li, Xiao-Li Hu, Robert N. Trigiano, Herbert Aldwinckle, and Zong-Ming (Max) Cheng

Apple ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) is one of the most important temperate fruit trees. Improving fruit quality and enhancing the ability to resist multiple diseases remain the primary goals in apple breeding programs worldwide ( Aldwinckle et al

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Caihong Wang, Yike Tian, Emily J. Buck, Susan E. Gardiner, Hongyi Dai, and Yanli Jia

, T. Gardiner, S.E. 2009a Update on comparative genome mapping between Malus and Pyrus BMC Res. Notes 2 182 Celton, J.-M. Tustin, D.S. Chagné, D. Gardiner, S.E. 2009b Construction of a dense genetic linkage map for apple rootstocks using SSRs