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Ajay Nair, Donglin Zhang, John Smagula, and Dongyan Hu

comprised of the powder form of IBA equivalent to 8000 mg·L −1 (Hormodin #3; 0.8% a.i.). The liquid + powder treatment involved first dipping cuttings in a 5000 mg·L −1 KIBA solution followed by rolling in powder [Hormodin #2 (Merck & Co., Rahway, NJ); 0

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Yan-xin Duan, Ying Xu, Ran Wang, and Chun-hui Ma

samples was mixed with 0.3 g CuSO 4 , 3 g anhydrous Na 2 SO 4 , and 10 to 12 mL concentrated H 2 SO 4 . After digestion and dissolution, the N content was assayed using a Kjeldahl nitrogen apparatus (K9860; Hanon instruments Co., Ltd., Jinan, China

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Rangjian Qiu, Yuanshu Jing, Chunwei Liu, Zaiqiang Yang, and Zhenchang Wang

, have not been documented. In addition, we studied Na + , K + , and Ca 2+ concentrations and K + /Na + ratio in hot peppers to further understand the mechanisms causing the effects of the EC iw and LF on yield and quality. The objectives of this study

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Chi D. Nguyen, Matthew Creech, Diying Xiang, German Sandoya, Dean Kopsell, and Heqiang Huo

photosynthetic measurements were recorded ∼3 to 5 min or when CO 2 concentrations in the sample infrared gas analyzer had stabilized between 0930 and 1430 HR. Lettuce head fresh weight (HFW) was recorded immediately after the root was detached at harvest, and

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Edward J. Nangle, David S. Gardner, James D. Metzger, John R. Street, and T. Karl Danneberger

) (DS = 0.39); 2) black perforated cloth acting as neutral density shade that reduced PPF by ≈90% but did not alter the R:FR (NS = 1.28) (Dewitt Co., Sikeston, MO); and 3) under full sun with a similar R:FR (FS = 1.30) within ≈20 m of the NS. The three

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Jessie M. Godfrey, Louise Ferguson, and Maciej A. Zwieniecki

per row) were selected randomly for measurements of photosynthesis ( A n ), stomatal conductance ( g S ), intercellular CO 2 concentration ( C i ), the pressure required to balance stem water potential at midday, and evapotranspiration. Gas exchange

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Augusto Ramírez-Godoy, María del Pilar Vera-Hoyos, Natalia Jiménez-Beltrán, and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

concentration (0.24%) was greater in seedlings treated with foliar Si than in the other treatments (about 0.2%). In the test on tahiti lime trees, the nutritional status (leaf macronutrient and micronutrient concentrations) was unaffected by any Si treatment

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Jean-Pierre Privé, Lindsay Russell, and Anita LeBlanc

leaf temperature and gas exchange responses [Pn, stomatal conductance ( g s ), intercellular CO 2 (Ci), and transpiration (E)] of ‘Ginger Gold’ apple [ Malus × sylvestris (L.) Mill var. domestica (Borkh.) Mansf.] leaves to a kaolin particle film

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Huihui Zhang, Ping Yu, Min Song, Dalu Li, Qianqian Sheng, Fuliang Cao, and Zunling Zhu

, net photosynthetic rate ( P n ), transpiration rate ( T r ), stomatal conductance ( g S ), and intercellular CO 2 concentration ( C i ) of each cultivar were measured using a British PP-Systems Portable Photosynthesis Analyzer (Ciras-2, Shanghai

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R. Paul Schreiner and Tian Tian

that morning while the dry vines had not been watered for 2–3 d. Destructive harvests at 8 and 16 weeks were used to determine the dry mass and nutrient concentrations in all plant parts. The new shoots were cut at the basal end of the stem, and stems