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Alicain S. Carlson and John M. Dole

be transplanted successfully is essential to obtain quality plants and reduce production costs ( Cavins and Dole, 2001 ; van Iersel, 1997 ). Although it may be more economical to leave plants in plug trays for as long as possible before transplanting

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Wesley C. Randall and Roberto G. Lopez

seedlings, also known as young plants or plugs, have led to a large increase in finish plant quality and profitability ( Armitage and Kaczperski, 1994 ; Kuehny et al., 2001 ). Young plant production occurs in late winter and early spring when the integrated

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Amber N. Bates, Gerald M. Henry, and Cynthia B. McKenney

% at 68 DAT. No research has investigated the phytotoxic response of hooker’s evening primrose plug transplants to preemergence herbicides. Varied phytotoxic responses of common evening primrose to preemergence herbicides suggest that options may exist

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Erick G. Begitschke, James D. McCurdy, Te-Ming Tseng, T. Casey Barickman, Barry R. Stewart, Christian M. Baldwin, Michael P. Richard, and Maria Tomaso-Peterson

study, labeled rates of dithiopyr and prodiamine significantly reduced root fresh weight of hybrid bermudagrass plugs when compared with pendimethalin and oxadiazon ( Fishel and Coats, 1994 ). Producing new roots quickly is critical to establishing

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Andrew K. Koeser, Sarah T. Lovell, Aaron C. Petri, Robin G. Brumfield, and J. Ryan Stewart

impacts of production (rounded to 0%; Kendall and McPherson, 2012 ). After germination, seedlings in our model system are grown in indoor greenhouse space until they are large enough to be transplanted from their initial plug tray cell to a larger, final

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Paul V. Nelson, Cheon-Young Song, Jinsheng Huang, Carl E. Niedziela Jr., and William H. Swallow

Many ornamental greenhouse crops are grown under some form of stress or growth regulation that limits the full potential for their shoot volume production. This is universally true for young plants produced in plug seedling trays and bedding plant

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Douglas G. Bielenberg and Ksenija Gasic

minimum level of technical ability to wire and install safely ( Hutten - Czapski, 2017 ). Newly available plug-and-play temperature controllers allow conversion of a standard chest freezer into a controlled-environment chamber in minutes, with no custom

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Craig Brodersen, Cody Narciso, Mary Reed, and Ed Etxeberria

indication of C Las infection is the conspicuous swelling of the middle lamella between and surrounding sieve elements ( Folimonova and Achor, 2010 ). This swelling is followed by the deposition of callose plugs both in lateral pit fields ( Koh et al., 2012

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Daniel Rowley, Brent L. Black, Dan Drost, and Dillon Feuz

patterned after the method for producing field strawberries in California and Florida but adapted to colder climates ( Black et al., 2002 ; Poling, 1993 ). ‘Chandler’ plug plants were planted into a raised bed 60 cm wide and 20 cm high, covered with dark

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David O. Okeyo, Jack D. Fry, Dale J. Bremer, Ambika Chandra, A. Dennis Genovesi, and Milton C. Engelke

). Under 90% live oak tree [ Quercus virginiana (Mill.)] shade in Dallas, TX, coverage of ‘Diamond’ (94%), ‘Zorro’ (84%), and ‘Cavalier’ (74%) was superior to ‘Meyer’ (33%) and ‘El Toro’ ( Z. japonica , 65%) after 3 years of growth from plugs ( Yamamoto