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Charles E. Barrett, Xin Zhao, and Robert McSorley

that grafting onto resistant rootstocks can reduce nematode galling incidence. Tomato hybrid and interspecific tomato hybrid rootstocks were compared with respect to their influence on nematode resistance, crop vigor, and fruit yield. Materials and

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Rocheteau Dareus, Antonio Carlos Mota Porto, Mesfin Bogale, Peter DiGennaro, Carlene A. Chase, and Esteban Fernando Rios

hortaliças para resistência a Meloidogyne enterolobii Pesqui. Agropecu. Bras. 46 829 835 10.1590/S0100-204X2011000800007 Ehlers, J.D. Matthews, W.C. Hall, A.E. Roberts, P.A. 2000 Inheritance of a broad-based form of root-knot nematode resistance in cowpea

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Aliya Momotaz, Jay W. Scott, and David J. Schuster

. Kaloshian, I. 1994 A PCR-based marker tightly linked to the nematode resistance gene, Mi , in tomato Theor. Appl. Genet. 87 757 763 Wu, F. Mueller, L.A. Crouzillat, D. Petiard, V. Tanksley, S

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Oğuz Top, Cantuğ Bar, Bilal Ökmen, Duygu Yüce Özer, Dane Rusçuklu, Nilüfer Tamer, Anne Frary, and Sami Doğanlar

dentatum (Dunal) and humifusum (Müller). S. peruvianum has green fruits, is typically self-incompatible, and allogamous. This species is also known for its virus, bacteria, fungi, aphid, and nematode resistances and has been widely used to introduce these

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Benjamin D. Anderson, Gary W. Knox, Ann R. Blount, Cheryl L. Mackowiak, and Edward F. Gilman

peanut. Proc. So. Nurs. Res. Conf. 57:197–200 Baltensperger, D.D. Prine, G.M. Dunn, R.A. 1986 Root-knot nematode resistance in Arachis glabrata Peanut Sci. 13 78 80 Butler, T.J. Ocumpaugh, W.R. Sanderson, M.A. Reed, R.L. Muir, J.P. 2006 Evaluation of

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Yun-Im Kang, Hyang Young Joung, Dae Hoe Goo, Youn Jung Choi, Mok Pil Choi, Hye Ryun An, Jae-Young Ko, Kang-Joon Choi, Ki Hwan Lee, and Kye Wan Hong

nematode resistance. The Oriental hybrid ‘Medusa’ had poor resistance to nematodes, with a standardized regression coefficient of 0.2103 ( P ≤ 0.05). The OT hybrid ‘Yelloween’ was less affected by fungus gnat than other cultivars (−0.1667, P ≤ 0

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Wenjing Guan, Xin Zhao, and Donald J. Huber

912 Guan, W. Zhao, X. Dickson, D.W. Mendes, M.L. Thies, J. 2014 Root-knot nematode resistance, yield, and fruit quality of specialty melons grafted onto Cucumis metulifer HortScience 49 1046 1051 Guan, W. Zhao, X. Huber, D.J. Sims, C.A. 2015

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Stephen R. King, Angela R. Davis, Wenge Liu, and Amnon Levi

resistant rootstock, although the resistance did break down under high temperatures, a phenomenon known to occur with the Mi gene ( Dropkin, 1969 ). It is probable that tomato and eggplant rootstocks developed with the Mi-3 gene for nematode resistance

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Michael G. Bausher

horticultural characteristics such as fruit quality, yield, and disease resistance. Also, rootstocks can be selected for soilborne disease, nematode resistance, and root vigor, all found in open-field conditions. The term open field means plants exposed to the

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Cody L. Smith, Joshua H. Freeman, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, and William P. Wechter

. Zhao, X. Dickson, D.W. Mendes, M.L. 2014 Root-knot nematode resistance, yield, and fruit quality of specialty melons grafted onto Cucumis metulifer HortScience 49 1046 1051 Guan, W. Zhao, X. Huber, D.J. 2015 Grafting with an interspecific hybrid squash