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John E. Stenger and Harlene M. Hatterman-Valenti

production areas. For this reason, large temperature fluctuations are likely to impact vine progress in its transition from active growth to a dormant resting state. To stabilize production in these northern regions of the United States through cultivar

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Jens J. Brøndum and Royal D. Heins

Abbreviations: ADT, average daily temperature; DIF, day temperature - night temperature; DT, day temperature; DTF, days to flower; NT, night temperature; PPF, photosynthetic photon flux; SD, short day. 1 Current address: Danish Research Service for

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Shiow Y. Wang and Miklos Faust

89 POSTER SESSION 13 Temperature Stress/Cross-Commodity

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Carlos De la Cuadra, Alexis K. Vidal, Susana Lefimil, and Leví Mansur

optimal germination temperature is unknown, the studies above indicate that temperatures at or above 20 °C inhibit germination and at 10 °C germination is enhanced. Our work aims to achieve further precision of the effect of temperature on seed germination

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Douglas G. Bielenberg and Ksenija Gasic

Characterizing the regulation of development by temperature requires controlled exposure of replicate plants (whole or in part) to multiple temperature environments simultaneously. Experiments with seeds or other small plant segments can be

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Veronica L. Justen and Vincent A. Fritz

concentration is highly influenced by genotype and environmental factors including soil fertility, temperature, and light ( Antonious et al., 1996 ; Charron and Sams, 2004 ; Engelen-Eigles et al., 2006 ; Rosen et al., 2005 ). We found strong correlations

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James E. Brown-Faust and Royal D. Heins

52 ORAL SESSION (Abstr. 449-456) Growth and Development: Effects of Light, Temperature, and CO,

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Neil Bell, Heather Stoven, James S. Owen Jr., and James E. Altland

2:1 (v/v) mix of horticultural grade perlite and fine milled sphagnum peat. Trays were placed in a mist bed with bottom heat (≈21 °C) in a temperature-controlled greenhouse (20 °C). Rooted cuttings were transplanted to 6-inch square nursery pots in

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Nathan J. Jahnke, Jennifer Kalinowski, and John M. Dole

et al., 2009 ; Natarella and Kays, 1979 ), decrease quickly when they are stored dry because of their inability to rehydrate. Successful dry storage is highly influenced by storage duration and temperature. The vase life of ‘Ambiance’ rose ( Rosa

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Uttara C. Samarakoon and James E. Faust

temperature can lead to better rooting ( Maynard and Bassuk, 1992 ). Based on these reports, we concluded that the stock plant environment is critical for rooting success, and that growing in a greenhouse allows for better control over seasonal environmental