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Zhou Li, Yan Peng, and Bingru Huang

recent study on functional genomics and metabolomics in Arabidopsis thaliana suggested that GABA may act as a signaling molecule interacting with phytohormones and other metabolites ( Batushansky et al., 2014 ; Renault et al., 2011 ). Exogenous

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Vijaya Shukla, Yingmei Ma, and Emily Merewitz

Plant cells contain long-chain amine compounds called polyamines, of which the most common are spermidine, spermine, and putrescine. These compounds are considered phytohormone-like because they play various regulatory roles in plant cells. They are

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Yingmei Ma and Emily Merewitz

, E. 2015 Phytohormone responses and cell viability during salinity stress in two creeping bentgrass cultivars differing in salt tolerance J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 140 346 355 Li, Z. Zhang, Y. Peng, D. Wang, X. Peng, Y. He, X. Zhang, X. Ma, X. Huang, L

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Saquib Waheed, Yuan Peng, and Lihui Zeng

). In this study, GA 3 and IAA were found to be upregulated and enhanced the transcriptional activity of GUS . The gibberellin class of phytohormones is involved in the control of flowering in many species ( Hedden, 2017 ). GA 3 is linked with other

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M. Elizabeth Rutledge, John Frampton, Gary Blank, and L. Eric Hinesley

, V.I. Kalevitch, M.V. 2003 Natural growth inhibitors and phytohormones in plants and environment Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht The Netherlands Kozlowski, T.T. 1962 Tree growth Ronald Press New York, NY Kozlowski, T.T. Torrie, J.H. Marshall, P

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Giancarlo Fascella and Giovanvito Zizzo

in Anacardium occidentale L. in response to phytohormones and removal of roots Scientia Hort. 111 164 172 Smoley, R. 2000 Giant-flowered Euphorbia milii hybrids Cactus Succulent J. 72 198 201 Sonneveld, C. Van Den Ende, J. Dijk, P.A. 1974 Analysis

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Giedrė Samuolienė, Akvilė Urbonavičiūtė, Pavelas Duchovskis, Zenonas Bliznikas, Pranciškus Vitta, and Artūras Žukauskas

in some LED-treated species deserves discussion, because vitamin C is not only an important nutrient, but also plays a major role in the protection of plants against photo-oxidative stress, photoprotection, and phytohormone action ( Conklin, 2001

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Nicole L. Waterland, Craig A. Campbell, John J. Finer, and Michelle L. Jones

, E.T. Orcutte, D.M. 1996 Phytohormones and plant responses to stress 183 198 Nilsen E.T. Orcutte D.M. The physiology of plants under stress: Abiotic factors John Wiley and Sons New York, NY SAS

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Fang Geng, Renae Moran, Michael Day, William Halteman, and Donglin Zhang

Morini, 2008 ). GA 3 , added to proliferation media in combination with cytokinin and auxin, improves shoot proliferation in apple ( Pua et al., 1983 ), but responses may vary with explant condition ( Elliot, 1972 ). Light quality can affect phytohormone

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Jenjira Chumpookam, Huey-Ling Lin, and Ching-Chang Shiesh

hypothesized to influence the production or metabolism of other phytohormones ( Chiwocha et al., 2009 ; Flematti et al., 2004 ; Van Staden et al., 2004 ). Gibberellic acid (GA) plays a key role in dormancy release and promotion of seed germination, whereas